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I sneak into this discussion and then spy a while on someone else's then I slink on back to where I belong, working on my genealogy. It's true that I am an old lady and not nearly as fast as I might have been in my young days but I'll be darned if I can figure out how all you young 'uns can get so darned much done. If I take an afternoon off to play with my gorgeous new great granddaughter, all the time I'm thinking of what I should be doing. I have done office work all my life. I used to be pretty good at it so I'm thinking, again I'm thinking, there must be a secret as to how to get wonderful work done. Is there someone out there who can tell me how I can belong to this group while I'm thinking that other one is the one I should really go to. I belong to Ancestry, I belong to Legacy groups, there are more groups that I cannot even remember. I think I should close down all the groups but one but I don't want to. It looks like everyone else is having so much fun and I really don't want to just work. If there is anyone reading this, please send me an answer. Barbara Trautman

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Sounds like a lot of us, Barbara!
I know what you mean, Barbara! I should be cleaning my house right now...

When I need to keep it short, I just check my page and see if there is anything I really should reply to and then I make myself shut it down. But it still lures me. :-)





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