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I'm trying to locate the Thomas Kendrick-Mahala Lawson family on the 1870 census.  I have found them in other years as follows:
1850 - Polk County, TN - Thomas & Mahala Kindrick
1860 - Murray County, GA - Thomas & Mahala Kindrick
1880 - Murray County, GA - Mahala Kindrick in her son's household

I've searched on every name variation I can think of and have browsed through all pages of the 1870 census in both Polk County, TN and Murray County, GA.

Does anyone have any information regarding this family's location in 1870?

Many thanks,
Tonia Kendrick

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Since Mahala was living with her son in 1880, you might assume that Thomas died after 1860 - perhaps in the War? I would try tracking her son's name in 1870 or any other children they may have had. I've had trouble tracking quite a few families in 1870 - don't know if the war was the problem or?
Thanks, I actually know when Thomas died and it was after 1870. I should have mentioned that. What's weird is I can't find any of them in 1870 - not Thomas and Mahala, nor any of their children. It's like the fell off the face of the earth.





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