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How about this to help out the programmers. There are many more options using the Ning platform, and the WVR programmers will never know which we prefer unless we ask.

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I signed up this morning for a few groups of interest. Next thing I know there is more email in my inbox than I can go through. Don't these posts come in a digest form. That would be much more convenient. One post to look at daily or if you want to go to the group you can go and do that.

Amny suggestions to tame my mail box would be appreciated
I can't believe I'm saying this, but there is actually an automatic email I *want* that doesn't appear to be available. As moderator/admin of a group, I'd like to be informed when someone leaves the group. I noticed that the member-total of one of my groups went down by 1, and I don't know who left. I'd like to be able to send them a private message asking them if there was anything in particular that caused them to leave - as a means of possibly improving my management of the group.
I absolutely agree with the comments about the groups! Also, when I search in Groups it should return only those Groups that match the search term(s) with an option/link to click on to see the individual messages that might also match. Having each message returned will quickly make the search results overwhelming to the user to read through and very difficult to just get a list of groups, especially based on the current default sort of most recently updated. It would also be nice to have an option of ordering the results, such as by relevance, by date/time posted, rather than by update date/time.

On the positive side, kudos to you for all your wonderful work so far!
I am disappointed with the Discussion Board options in Groups. There's no way to organize. For example, if I want to have a section on specific surnames and another on counties and maybe another for general conversation.

There should be an option to edit the subject line in discussion replies and still have it remain in the thread.

Also, why on earth can't we add tags from replies??!? Why aren't tags global within the entire Group? It would be nice to click on a Group name and immediately see all the tags used in that Group.
in regard to Groups -

Discussion Forum is the only heading. I would like to see sub-headings for different topics.

When replying to a subject in the Discussion Forum, it would be nice to add tags. Right now, the only way tags can be used, is from the initial post.

It would be nice for the tags to cover all the Discussions, not just each one individually.
I am totally loving GenealogyWise. The one thing that I would like to see changed concerns the chat room. As of now, when you pull the chatroom up it shows the number of people and names of people who are on the site, not the names of the people who are actually in the chatroom to talk. Is there a way to just have the names of people in the chatroom? It would sure make me feel less silly when I realize I am saying hello to an empty room
First, thank you for establishing this discussion. I dearly hope that the owners of this site will read what is suggested here and take it to heart.

I strongly desire that GenealogyWise keeps all the information contained within its pages free and does not allow companies to glean data from it for their own end. Already, RootsWeb is not allowing mention of GenealogyWise, and everyone I know on GenealogyWise is concerned that some group like will use the data here.

Keep GenealogyWise free to all and protected from the big corporations who make money from others work. We need an open forum that does NOT censure what is written nor use the hard work of others for their gain. Without these standards you will see people walk away from this great forum and/or limit what they post.

Thank you.
Provide a titled top line in wall communication, for the name, surname, state, or other identifying label for the person you are referring to in the comment (if there is a spcific one). This would make it easier when scanning the many entries, to locate those of most interest or relation.
I would like to see a way to organize the groups we re in on our MY PAGE. I want all the surname groups in one section in alpha order and the other groups listed according to my degree of interest. It now appears they are listed as we sat them up. That's not always an organized manner.
An option (when getting search results to a person or group) - "Do not show again". There's an awful lot on here I don't need and never will.
Myrt, I'm wondering about the copyright issues. . .if you cross-post here, are you giving GenealogyWise the rights to your blog posts? I've read the privacy policy and I'm not clear on this. What are your thoughts?
Thanks, I'll check it out. I'm concerned about photos, docs, etc., too. I no longer upload anything to Ancestry, because they claim ownership of anything on their site. I don't want to run into the same issue here.



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