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How about this to help out the programmers. There are many more options using the Ning platform, and the WVR programmers will never know which we prefer unless we ask.

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I did manage to solve the problem in the end by using the text box. I gave the text box the title Links and was then able to add clickable hyperlinks. I hadn't thought about doing it as a discussion but that would work just as well. The only thing you can't seem to do with the groups is add apps so that you can add the app to get extra text boxes.


John Newmark said:
In one group I created a discussion titled: Useful Links for all group members to contribute suggestions. Which would be equivalent to a links section in a Facebook group. A links tab on the main page would be equivalent to a place for everyone on Facebook to add links which could quickly become chaotic I think.

Awww, yeah, found the spot... Advanced Member Search.

John Newmark said:
You can search the whole network for a surname, and appearances in that field will be caught. However, this doesn't work well for surnames that would also appear elsewhere (such as DENVER or MAIN). So it would be helpful to be able to search on the surname fields alone.

Johnny said:
On our "My Page" we have field to fill in for the surnames we are interested in; but then (as far as I can tell) there is no way to search that field so that we can easily find others who are interested in the same surname.
I'd like the ability to put my friends into categories so I can keep them organized.
I didn't think I would need this but now I do
My wish

When you go to groups, now I wished I could SORT ALPHABETICALLY... after someone made a thousand groups it makes it hard to go through them.. I almost wished they could be separated to Family names in one sort and other in another.. not to difficult I would hope
Have you noticed the GW email has a BUG? After you click the SEND button you get an ERROR MESSAGE?

This happens 8 out of 10 times for me.

During the first day of two I used GW, I thought it was just because I'd done something wrong, or perhaps that the server was overloaded. However, every single time Ol' Myrt here attempts to use the GW Email, I have the same problem.

I actually DID have the email go through one time despite the error message, because I was shocked to receive a response from the addressee.
I already mentioned my ditto to wishing that the auto-generated e-mails would include the posting itself. But today I realized something else thats annoying the heck out of me, regarding the auto-gen e-mails. When you click on the link, it takes you to the group page, but not to the actual new entry. So if a group has dozens of postings, I'm supposed to figure out where the newest one is that I'm supposed to be looking for to read? I don't think so.
I noticed that as well Tami. Another reason to put full text in the e-mail. Social networks are filtered at work, by the time I get home I have 30+ emails that link back to the site. Very hard to keep up with the conversations. I can get on my G-mail account at work so this approach would take care of both the problems.
I have already turned off the email notifications when someone posts a comment to a group I've joined. I received 50 emails in 3 hours! That is way too much information. I would rather scroll through my groups and see which have new activity.

How about a Mobile App??? In my opinion there is no way GW can compete with FB without it.
I unchecked notify me when someone posts a message to a group I belong to...but the emails still kept rolling in!! I had to go and check the box at the bottom that says do not send me any emails from GW to get it to stop!
In theory this is a wonderful idea. However, the system won't let me change themes, download my address book to invite friends, or block the city where I live. I don't like the fact that the emails don't contain the posting. The fact that I have to go to each group and read the update and the fact that when I am on my page I have to click on my group to see any updates, is very time consuming and I know I will loose interest in this site very quickly.
Allow you to post with
I wish the tags would allow you to do a two word combination rather than splitting them into separate tags. When I put in a surname like de Mello, it treats it like two separate tags. "de" isn't a really helpful tag.



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