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The Evans Family From Newton County Mississippi(I'm Related To Them)

This family is (African American)and from Mississippi,Newton County Mississippi)

Thomas Evans born May 1863 in Mississippi(Husband)

Matilda Norman Evans born Feb 1869 in Mississippi(Wife)

Amy Evans born Oct 1894 in Mississippi(Daughter)

Flossie Evans died  1982 in Mississippi(Daughter)

Archy Evans  in Mississippi(Son)

Ella Evans born in 1900 and dies in 1984 in Mississippi(Daughter)

Emma Evans died in 2006 in Mississippi(Daughter)

Hurbert Evans born April 1885 in Mississippi(Son)

Lou C Evans born Feb 1888 in Mississippi(Daughter)

Thomas R.Evans Jr born July 1886 in Mississippi(Son)

Viola Evans born Nov 1892 in Mississippi)Daughter)

Eugene Evans born 1902 in Mississippi(Nephew)

Addie B Evans born March 1891 in Mississippi(sister)

Edward Evans born 1851 in Mississippi(Son)

Melissa Evans born 1862 in Mississippi(Daughter)

Henry Evans born 1869 in Mississippi)Son)

If you on any of these People let me no THANKS?

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