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Suggestions for prooving that hard-to find relationship to get in SAR

I am trying to get into SAR through a paternal grandmother link. My father was the son of Pearl Towe Pope, dgtr. of Laura Louella Harkins Towe, dgtr. of Lavina "Vina" Millsaps Wallace1 Harkins2, dgtr. of Jonathan Millsaps, son of Jesse Millsaps & Mary Polly Hyder. Mary Polly was the daughter of Michael Hyder, Sr. and Elizabeth Wood. Michael Hyder was an early settler on the Watauga and was at the Battle of King's Mountain. My problem is coming in getting proof that my g.g.g. grandfather (Jonathan) was the son of Mary Polly Hyder & Jesse Millsaps. I have been in contact with other Millsaps researchers who have been researching for years. In his will, Jesse only named one son (the youngest...whose name was JOHN and not the same as my JONATHAN) stating he had already given the other sons their part and he also named the daughters. We do know that one of JONATHAN'S younger children was sent to live at JESSE'S house after Jonathan died. Jonathan probably died with no will...the court had to pay expenses for his burial and also gave out the younger children. Anyone have suggestions on how I might be able to use this or some other data? The Millsaps researchers are fairly certain that no document exists listing all the children of Mary Polly & Jesse...but it has been accepted for decades that all these are their sons and has been recorded as such I'd say going back earlier than the 1970s at least. Thanks, Tony Pope

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Brownie, thanks! I do have a back-up ancestor I can trace more easily back to. I'm holding off until I'm absolutely sure about this one. I'm currently working on a comparison of Census records and see what I can pull from that.
Mary "Polly" Hyder DOB 1770; lived more than 90 years; wed Jessie Millsap DOB ca 1768; DOD 1847; m 2 Apr 1799 Carter Co TN (13 children move to Blount Co TN) - would a marriage license from Carter Co TN help (I don't have one but live near Carter Co if you need assistance)
Nelle, thanks. I don't think that will help my particular case...I wish it would! The line is pretty well documented back from Jesse & Mary Polly. My problem is coming in documenting all of Jessie's and Mary Polly's kids. While most (or all) of the daughters are mentioned in his will, only one son, the youngest one is mentioned. The youngest son is JOHN E. Millsaps and my line is through an older son named JONATHAN. Why they would have two sons with such similar names seems crazy to me..but I've seen crazier. They are two totally different individuals. There have been cousins who have gone in under the daughters and think one through the youngest son JOHN. I'm also thinking that last year I found a person who had gone in under another son that we wanted to know how they documented him as a son of Jesse and Mary Polly. To our knowledge, he was in the same boat as my official documentation could be found linking him to Jesse. When I requested a record from the DAR, I asked to get a specific record on a specific individual. Unfortunately, they didn't send the specific one I did request. Since that time I lost all data on my computer I was using and had the letter saved on! I don't remember how I looked up that particular information either. Always looking for suggestions though! Thanks, Tony
I went through the archives at East Tennessee State Univ (Margaret Hyder-DeVault Collection) and there was DAR paperwork but I do not remember who it was for. I have just in the last few months startg researchig the Hyder's.



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