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Suggestions for prooving that hard-to find relationship to get in SAR

I am trying to get into SAR through a paternal grandmother link. My father was the son of Pearl Towe Pope, dgtr. of Laura Louella Harkins Towe, dgtr. of Lavina "Vina" Millsaps Wallace1 Harkins2, dgtr. of Jonathan Millsaps, son of Jesse Millsaps & Mary Polly Hyder. Mary Polly was the daughter of Michael Hyder, Sr. and Elizabeth Wood. Michael Hyder was an early settler on the Watauga and was at the Battle of King's Mountain. My problem is coming in getting proof that my g.g.g. grandfather (Jonathan) was the son of Mary Polly Hyder & Jesse Millsaps. I have been in contact with other Millsaps researchers who have been researching for years. In his will, Jesse only named one son (the youngest...whose name was JOHN and not the same as my JONATHAN) stating he had already given the other sons their part and he also named the daughters. We do know that one of JONATHAN'S younger children was sent to live at JESSE'S house after Jonathan died. Jonathan probably died with no will...the court had to pay expenses for his burial and also gave out the younger children. Anyone have suggestions on how I might be able to use this or some other data? The Millsaps researchers are fairly certain that no document exists listing all the children of Mary Polly & Jesse...but it has been accepted for decades that all these are their sons and has been recorded as such I'd say going back earlier than the 1970s at least. Thanks, Tony Pope

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You may want to take this question to American Revolutionary War Ancestors, where a number of Sons & Daughters have offered their aid to any and all. Also, give us a few dates and tell us what records have already been checked.
Thanks! I need to get my names/dates in order on this particular line. I have them in folders and notes, but do not have them in my Family Tree Maker file.

Hi. Your State SAR Registrar and chapter Pres. usually will help. Have you diligently search "where" your man lived before and after the Rev??
The actual veteran of the AR is well documented (Michael Hyder/Hider), but my problem is coming in with his grandson (I guess right now I should say "undocumented" grandson). I haven't been to physically research there myself (Monroe County, TN), however I have been in contact with some heavy-duty Millsaps researchers who live in the area and who said they have never found official documentation showing most of the sons we have listed of Jesse & Mary Polly Hyder Millsaps. I was watching something I taped over satellite tonight from BYU about probate records. I'm going to ask if anyone has done an exhaustive search of those. I may have to plan a trip up to TN myself. Thanks, Tony

I am the chapter registrar for my DAR chapter. One way that I have proved a relationship is through a sibling. The will names the one son and the daughters. If you can prove that Jonathan was the brother to one of these NAMED children, then by that link your relationship is proved.

Anoother avenue is to look into Jonathan's mother line to find evidence that you can link together.

Sheri Fenley
Thanks. I have sent for a document through DAR where someone became a member through one of the sons not mentioned in the will. Hoping to get an idea on how they got in. TP
have you tired looking for birth records, death records, census records, marriage records. the census record would count as proof too..
as long as you can prove back to back on each generation you should be fine.

if that line doesn't work always remember to look at other lines too.

i do lineage research for the DAR. So if you need any help let me know..
Patsy, thanks. I had put this on the backburner and just heard from a distant cousin who was trying to prove the same linkage to join the DAR. She's had the same problem as I have with finding documenation for our proof of Jonathan Millsaps being the son of Jesse Millsaps and Mary Polly Hyder Millsaps. Trying to dig back through from my notes I made several months back to go over with the cousin. I did receive a copy of an application someone made to join the DAR...but I didn't receive the one I was actually on a line that IS documented through one of the daughters of Jesse and Polly. Supposedly, we discovered someone had applied through one of the sons who, like my g.g.g. grandfather, had not been listed in any documents, wills, etc. We wanted to see what data this person used.
I have had success by doing a google on the name as a petitioner for a gov. pension.
Pension applications always have a number of other names listed as witnesses and a they are a great source family members.
Here is an example:

Guilford-Orange County NcArchives Military Records.....Gwinn Or Quinn, William
Revwar - Pension
Copyright. All rights reserved.

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:
Nancy Poquette June 18, 2006, 2:35 pm

Constructed History Of Captain William Gwinn Or Quinn
LUDWICK ALBRIGHT-“And the said Elizabeth Albright further states upon
her said oath that she has reason to believe, and does believe, that in the
summer of the year of 1781, there was a draft for militia men to serve a three
months tour of duty, when her deceased husband, the aforesaid LUDWICK ALBRIGHT
was drafted for said tour. In this tour, WILLIAM GWINN was Captain, O’NEAL-
Major, and JNO. BUTLER-Brigadier General. My deceased husband in this tour was
under ROBERT MEBANE as Colonel, part of the tour, and was in the engagement at
Lindley Mills [per Heitman, September 13, 1781], in the month of September, of
the aforesaid year of 1781. That at the expiration of said tour, which was of
three months duration, my deceased husband was duly discharged by Captain GWINN
and returned home. This tour is proven by the affiant JOHN STRADER, whose
affidavit is hereto annexed and marked D.”

JOHN STRADER maketh oath that he was very well acquainted with the late LUDWICK
ALBRIGHT. The deponent, as a private soldier in the summer of 1781, was drafted
into the United States service for a three months tour. GWINN was Captain,
O’NEAL was major, BUTLER-Brigadier General (militia). Rendezvoused at O’NEAL’s,
in this tour was in the engagement at Lindley’s Mills [September 13, 1781, per
Heitman]. In all of this three months tour, said LUDWICK ALBRIGHT as a private
soldier did serve all of said three months tour in said company and were all
discharged at Colonel O’NEAL’s at the end of said tour.”
I have a copy of Michael Hyder's will but it does not name Polly - I have just started researching the Hyder family history and the only informatin I have on Mary Polly Hyder (born 1770) and married Jessie Millsap (born ca 1768 & died 1847) - they moved to Blount Co, TN and had 13 childrend but I have no further information
Update on this...Last summer I received a copy of an application someone made to join the DAR under one of the children of Jesse & Mary Polly Hyder Millsaps...but I didn't receive the one I requested. This person was through a line that IS documented through one of the daughters of Jesse and Polly. Last year we discovered someone had applied through one of the sons who, like my g.g.g. grandfather, had not been listed in any documents, wills, etc. We wanted to see what data this person used. Apparently you cannot request an application by someone going through a particular child or person.
I am a DAR member and wanted to get in on my NC ancestor who was documented as being wounded at the Battle of Ramsour's Mill, and I had the same problem you're having. Amazingly enough, the registrar with the DAR group I was joining found another of my ancestors whom I could claim. So we just went another route....I'll bet there are others for you, too, and I suggest you get some help to find them.

Brownie MacKie



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