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I am searching for any information on Stephen Burwell. He was born abt 1866 and lived in Gills Creek, Franklin County, Virginia. The 1910 Census has him listed as being married to Emma. Their children are W. Lewis, Daniel, and John (listed on census). I'm having a problem finding any more information on him. My father-in-law said he thought he moved around a lot. The last name on the 1910 census is spelled incorrect. It is listed as Banwell. I would really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks so much!!

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Have you tired the 1920-1930 census for him and the family. I take you dont know when or where he died right. Have you tired looking for him in the 1900 census with his wife Emma. What about the 1870-1880 census in VA living with his parents.
I dont know if this is your Stephen or not. But I found a Stephen Burwell in 1880 census living in Franklin Co. Va living with a Letitia F. LYNCH. worked as a farm hand.
Hi Patsy! I found Stephen on the 1880 census you mentioned and we're sure that's him. He was 19. I can't find him anywhere after that census until 1910 census and he is 44. This one lists him being married to Emma and lists the children. I found a Mary E.Burwell in the 1900 census from that same area and 2 of the children's names on the 1900 census are the same as on the 1910. I'm wondering if her name was Mary Emma? I'm not quite understanding why I can't find Stephen in between those years. Also on the 1900 census I found a Stephen "Burrell" listed as being in the Navy on the USS Hartford. If that's my Stephen then that would explain why he is not listed as being in the household with Mary E. Burwell. You're right, I don't know when or where he died.





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