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my "YOUNGS" Edward Henry Young (born 1826 Quebec) married Catherine Levelette (born 1830 Quebec) were married Hogansburg NY St Patrick Church Feb 15, 1847. Was told church burned down long ago. Now with being on this post and a few loose ends I may be onto something. In 1860 census the family used Youngs as their surname. I looked all over that area and could not find them. I then found one family in 1850 Bombay, Franklin, NY that matched first names and ages of my Youngs in 1860 census. 
the family i found in 1850: Abraham Gannon 30, Harriet 30, Abraham 12, Isaac 10, Levi 8, Mary 6, Harriet 4, Ira 2
the family here in MI St Clair Co: Abraham 42, Loretta 27, Abraham 22, Isaac 19, Levi 18, Mary 10, Harriet 8, Elizabeth 6, Amelia 4, Lewis 3

Abraham Young/Gannon married Loretta Stone here in St Clair Co Nov 21, 1859.
his children named their mothers  as #1 Catherine GRAVELIN or Catherine LAMOTT and #2 as Harriet GRANBY or Boudreau 

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Congratulations on your find!

Your post caught my eye as I'm from Massena which is adjacent to the reservation...and also have family from Bombay.



I suggest you to look on the Mohawk Valley.  There are much Young  there, and I think that much are metissed.


Look to Otsego Lake, and Virginia too


Gool luck




what do you mean by Mohawk Valley? I've researched Jefferson & St Lawrence Co as figure they went that way to get to Michigan

Hello miss!


By Mohawks Valley I means all the territory of this sector of New-York State: Herkimer, Otsego, Butternut, Springfield, Andrewtown, Oswego... all these cities are found ine the years 1660 and more.  There were much Gremans there, but also Irish, Dutch and Scotts.

There a much Youngs who came from Irish I think.

There was a family of Young at Otsego Lake, Springfield in 1762 year.


And there a much others that I ever saw in Mohawk Valley and in Pensylvania.

Copy these adress to your Adresse bar: http.....


I hope you will find someone of You.


If you Young came from USA, try too Virginia too.


Ha a good TRIP.

Réal Tremblay



Lovely first site, and sure wish they were my YOUNG family, But I still have to find them in 1850 census. First 3 children born 1847 thru 1854 were born NY

OK, sorry dear Lady, but 1850 is too young for me.


Here is another adress for the Young in New-York state, but for 1700

a long list.




Réal T.


I understand and I thank you for your help and suggestions. I'm sure I'm dealing with a dit name and most likely (hopefully) your info will get me back past Edward Henry Young. I have not worked on this line in a long time. I've used Heritage Quest and Ancestry search engines because Edward Henry had a brother Freeman Young and thought that more uncommon first name. I will get back on this line and get focused.

Again I thank you.



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