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I have a large tree on which I would like to split and have some branches separate from others in new indivdual trees. Ancestry used to have a nice feature where you could rename your program. That way you could name your main file several different times using other names. Then it would be simple to just delete from each tree the persons you don't want in that particular tree. I'm finding it a total pain to start a new tree with a new name for each separate branch and add each individual with attached data, photos, etc. It's very time-consuming and it seems there's got to be a better way to do this. Any suggestions?

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Have you written them for advice?
Luckily, I had already separated paternal and maternal lines, I have four going which is a challenge; I findaking corrections vet difficult in crossovers too.

To get the full circular trip you can try to pass Ancestry data including images to Family Tree Maker
Thanks Stephanie, I did it! Sometimes I look at things the wrong way and make it more difficult in my mind than it really is. I've got them done now.... THANKS again!


Q: Have you been to Ancestry Support with this issue?





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