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I have a large tree on which I would like to split and have some branches separate from others in new indivdual trees. Ancestry used to have a nice feature where you could rename your program. That way you could name your main file several different times using other names. Then it would be simple to just delete from each tree the persons you don't want in that particular tree. I'm finding it a total pain to start a new tree with a new name for each separate branch and add each individual with attached data, photos, etc. It's very time-consuming and it seems there's got to be a better way to do this. Any suggestions?

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Hi Jeanie,

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your nice post but I haven't been on GenWise for a few days. Your details are great and thanks for taking the time to type it all up. It's a great idea to do that but I still have the problem of not being able to include photos, etc. However, it is a way of at least getting the persons easily into a split tree and then I'll just have the task of adding the other info to each person. The way I had been doing it was way too time-consuming. My intention is not to share but it will be for my own use.

I think I will take your advice and give that a try. It sure is better than the way I was doing it. Thanks a lot!
The answer to this problem was solved by using my new Family Tree Maker software. I just received it recently and did not know all it's capabilities. It was quite easy to do in that I created a new file by choosing the persons and descendants from a master file and making that a new tree with a different name. I uploaded that to and everything was included along with all my photos and other information that was attached to each person. This is great! Sure saves me a lot of extra work that was unnecessary.

Again, thanks to Jeanie who got me thinking maybe I could use my software to do that. I plan on splitting my main family tree into other more manageable trees and yet still retain my large master file in tact.
What version of FTM are you using?

How is this done in it?? I have 2008 and 2009.... can you please explain this to me? THANK YOU!
Hi Lisa,

I have FTM2010 and I am unfamiliar with other versions but I don't think you could accomplish what I did with either 2008 or 2009. Maybe other users could answer that question. I am new to FTM2010 and are just in the process of learning how to use it. I was delighted to be able to download an entire tree which included all graphics and photos rather than just a straight GEDCOM file. I would suggest you upgrade to the 2010 version and then you would be able to do what I accomplished in spitting my tree.

Basically, all I did was download my entire large tree from Ancestry and then did an export selecting only certain people and descendants you choose from a drop down box feature. That part was a bit tricky until I got the hang of it. The resulting persons were then saved as a newly named tree and uploaded to Ancestry with the new name. In some cases, besides a main person, I also wanted to select a branch from the main tree and show that lineage also, so I chose the elder male in that line and then selected "descendants" and it automatically inserted all the descendants in that branch. I should post a screen shot example of the actual FTM2010 screen so you can visually see how easy it is.

I am delighted with FTM2010 and considering how inexpenisve the software was, it was well worth it.
Thanks for the reply! I just happen to have bought the update to the FTM 2010 and waiting for it Impatiently to arrive in my mail box! *G* Thank you for the input once again! I can't wait to "shrink" this tree! Lisa

Cool that you are getting FTM2010. You'll love it! Happy shrinking!
What you did in family tree 2010 has been available in all the previous versions. When you do it , if you ask for ancestors when you select, you wil lose aunts and uncles. Select the earliest ancestors that you want in the new tree and request their descendents. If there have been remarriages do the same for the females involved. They will not place duplicates in the extracted file.

My question to you then is from what I understand previous versions of FTM did not have the abilitity to download media files from but just GEDCOM files.

Also, I did not set up my new file by asking for ancestors but chose the eldest or earliest ancestors from various lines I wanted to work with to make sure my file included all descendants and associated media such as photos, etc. My main reason for purchasing FTM2010 was the fact it allowed me to download media files which of course a regular GEDCOM file does not. I would not have purchased FTM2010 were it not for this feature as I could have done the same with my Legacy software with a GEDCOM file.

My main purpose was to be able to split a tree I already have on Ancestry so I would not have to upload media files again for each person on a new tree on Ancestry. I stand corrected, if in fact, you can download a file from Ancestry into previous versions of FTM that INCLUDE media files.
I'd like to know how you did this as I've tried and could not. Would you please share these steps with us?? Thank you
Your request has been granted. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Hope this explains it all well enough.

Just a note on the attached document above. If you have already downloaded your Ancestry file you just skip the first step of downloading and work from the file you wish to split into another tree. Don't forget the step to use "Options" and "Rename" your tree. Then you will export that tree as your new working file. Let me know how it works out for you.
Too hard especially for Mac users





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