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I note in a previous discussion,that someone from "tribal pages" was explaining why their websites could not hold any more than 20,000 members.Did i read right or was this a misprint.How could anyone keep track of so many names in one tree.Surely the branches would be better split up and left to grow seperately.!!

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Well, I currently have well over 25,000 individuals in my family tree at I DO, however, also use an offline edition of My Heritage because it generates automatic relationship reports to keep straight who is a second cousin three times removed and so forth. The problem I find with separate branches is that there is often multi-generational link ups between various families -- sometimes a century can separate the marriages -- and this might get lost in multiple tree editions.

That said, where mono-trees are helpful is in tracking particular ethnicities or geographical areas, say, all your branches from Illinois or all the German origin branches.

Just my experience; your mileage -- as they say -- may vary.
I do not know how anyone can track families in multiple trees - at least if they are a Douglas!

Inter-marriages abound, and the thought of struggling through different trees/branches to locate duplicate members of the same family to update facts as they are found is headache making!

But if it works for you...
it only works for me because i only have 1100 members.I simply want a working base for my grandchildren.I sure cant see it working with 20,000 members and sometimes over 100,000 members
Then ,I think you got to split into lots of smaller trees.



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