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I want to set up a family history website, or use one already set up, with the following features:

  • A blog or other feature for presenting the latest information, explaining what is available.
  • Means for people to make comments, offer additions
  • Means to receive queries, evaluate, and approve as family member
  • Protection of living persons’ information, showable only to admitted family.
  • Present the narrative of the family history with links to their place in the family tree, maps, etc.
  • Present the family tree, focused on individual; adjustable as to what generations, relationships it shows; other links?
  • Able to click from one individual to another.
  • Show an individual’s record, or family record
  • Mapping feature, linking to place names in other contexts; receive and locate place names from the database
  • Generate maps to show locations over time, a person’s movements, locations of a set of people at a given time
  • display a timeline of events in a person's life, bringing in spouse or parents or children.
  • Carry photos linked to persons and places

Too much to ask for?

Researching websites, looked promising in a 2010 beta release, but I don't see it on line now.  I do see options that lack some of the features, especially the mapping and timelines.

I can use Word documents, Access, Excel, but don't want to learn complex coding.

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It's easier than you think.   I administrate several such groups on Facebook.   You just need to make sure  you are the only administrator, so that only you can add people.   My groups' privacy settings are such that they can't be searched.   People only get in when I invite them.    We share photos mostly, but stories and other info as well.  

Some of the things you might have to provide a link to instead of actually posting them (like the maps), but you can add word documents easily.  

I have three groups--one for the family of my paternal grandparents (there are 76 of us, so we need a space to talk), one for the many, many descendants of one of my great-grandfathers and both his first wife and my great-grandmother, and one for my maternal grandmother's family.   I am also honored to be in a group that for the descendants of my maternal great-uncle's in-laws because we had photos of our mutual relatives to share.

 I can't take credit for this idea, one of the other people here, Bob Mooney, told me about his group and I jumped on the idea.  

Good luck!!  I hope I helped!



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