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Searching for Calvin Dennis Martin Sr. Family Relatives in TN and VA

Hi, I am looking for family and relatives of Calvin Dennis Martin Sr. and his wife, Thelma Gladys (Lane) Martin. I understand that they have both passed away. However, I have not been able to find their grave site on "find a grave" like I have with Calvin's Father and mother. I have William Edward Martin and his wife's grave site location. Which it listed all their children. So I know they both had a very big size family. 

Reason I am looking for them because I want to know more about my future husband's family. His name is Calvin Dennis Martin Jr..Though I'm related to a "Martin Family" already, because this was my Grandmother's maiden name on my father side, Birdie Etta (Martin) Peer.

I don't have a lot of dates though. I was recently told that Calvin Dennis Martin Sr. and his wife were from Warsaw and Arlington, VA.  But I can't seem to find their grave sites nor any of the "Lane Family". Calvin Dennis Martin Jr. grew up in TN. Like maybe Jackson county, or around Knoxville?

He says he had looked for his family and relatives and said they're were no one living. I have a hard time believing that. So that's why I'm on the search for them. His cousins, any relatives and his family grave sites I'm looking for. I would appreciate the help.


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This may seem crazy but my name is Christina Martin, my father is Calvin Dennis martin jr an my grandparents are Calvin Dennis Martin sr and Thelma Martin !! I believe you may be married to my father who I haven't had contact with in over 15yrs. I'd like to talk to you an find out if your looking for my grandparents grave sight because I have information about that and I'd like to ask you a few questions myself about my long lost father I been searching for if this ain't by some chance a coincidence I found this post while looking for my father on Google !!

Good evening Christina. I'm certainly glad that you had found my post. I'm so sorry to read that you have been searching for quite some time looking for your father. I like to talk to you as well. I very much like to get to know you. Would you rather communicate by email, private messenger like Facebook, or by phone? I look forward to your reply. Take care. 

Facebook would be better for the moment just so until we find out if were looking for the same ppl however I really feel like we are, I already tried looking for u on fb messenger when I seen this post lol, no luck so u can find me under Christina Martin on there. I have blonde hair in the picture I have sun glasses on an I'm in a car, that way u add the right Christina lol . I look forward to speaking with u

Good morning, Christina. Yes, indeed you are correct. When I wrote this post I was hoping to find out more about your father. To help answer some questions I had about him and when asked,  he didn't seem to know. So yes, I too was on a search on Facebook to find you as well. However, as excited as I am to search once more for you on Facebook, my time is coming to leave for work. But  I have a short shift today so I will be home soon after 1:00 my time. Not sure what your time Zone is though , we will soon be connected. So sorry for the wait. Have a great day. 

Hi Christina. I believe I located you on Facebook. But I'm having issues in adding you, even just adding you to messenger.  So I need to let you know you can find me with the same photo I have here. Though on Facebook my profile is under my first name, Mary. Though I actually go by my middle name, Diane. Christina I do not have all the answers to your questions about your father.  But the reason that you see my last name here, (Peer) is that your father and I did not get married as I thought we would have. Til this day I still don't know what really happened between us. The time we knew each other which was short, I don't recall any conversations  that we had were bad. Though it seem at times he wasn't  telling me all that I should know about his past. So he was a bit on the mysterious side, kinda. So if you are still interested in connecting with me, you are very welcome to do so. 

I messaged u on fb, however I see what u mean about that, it wont let me send u a friend request either which is odd but atleast we can talk thru messenger for the time being anyhow. I said alot an I apologize but I have alot more to talk with u about if u dont mind. I got to get ready for work myself but I will be in touch. I'm in Florida so sorry for the time zone differences I realize u are an hour behind me.
I was reading this post again an William Edward Martin is my grandfather's brother, fathers father's uncle obviously an my father DOES having living descendants me an my older sister Melissa Martin, from deltona an debary fl where he resided with my grandparents an had us with his ex wife, our mother Melody Martin, she divorced now an no longer has his last name but we do an were both most definitely alive an his descendants!! I'd like to contact him please direct us I have alot to tell him



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