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SABIN and Connections in Massachusetts, Vermont and New York

This was originally posted in the comments section for the Massachusetts Genealogy Group:

1 Dexter Sabin (1800-1876) & Hannah LIPSCOMB
2 Alfred P. Sabin (1827-1897) & Sarah W. TUCKER
3 Albert R. Sabin (1852-1927) & Maria H. CARTWRIGHT
3 Jenny C. Sabin (1861-1933) & Martin Lester OLMSTED
3 Hattie Sabin (1865-1867)
3 Jane Sabin (1862)
3 Etta Sabin (1867)
3 Herbert P. Sabin (1855)
3 Eugene A. Sabin (1857-1880)
2 Mary Sabin (abt 1833) & Wiley STEWART
2 Chloe Sabin (1836-1918) & John JENNER
2 Lucinda Sabin (1839-1894)
2 Daniel H. Sabin (1843-1845)
2 Joel P. Sabin (1830-1914) & Miranda A. NICKERSON
3Jeanette Sabin (abt 1852) & William WARD

That line emanates from my LIPSCOMB line, which goes back to Thomas Lipscomb (1725-1802) & Sarah PARKHURST, then to Sarah Parkhurst's parents John Parkhurst & Abigail Sabin. I have nothing on Abigail's parents, but I imagine she comes from the same line as her Sabin descendants listed above. Meanwhile, the Parkhurts go back one more generation, to John Parkhurst and Abigail MORSE and the Morse line goes back to Stratford, England in 1434.

Meanwhile, there is the aforementioned Experience Sabin (1648-1728) and her husband Samuel BULLEN. Samuel Bullen's mother was Mary MORSE, of the same line that goes back to Stratford, England in 1434. So, the Bullens and Morses are pretty intertwined with the Sabins.

That's all my Sabins, in a nutshell.

Gary Rea

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