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Trudy Dolittle was nice enough to find a file on Footnote regarding Peter Bollinger Jr. I was unable to to download the document. I appreciate Trudy's thoughtfulness. If someone can read that document, I would appreciate knowing what it says. You people are great. Our History is inportant and evry Rev. Soldier or lived through that time should be honored in some manner.

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I do not have access to the record you speak of but do have to Abraham Bollinger of Alleghany CO Pa and a letter from Michael Bollinger on his revolunary war pension if you would like these papers I will email them to you there are 10 pages
Send me a note in my inbox
Thank you for the offer. I don't think they belong to us. We have Peter Bollinger Jr., Peter Bollinger Sr. and Henry Bollinger. If you think they may help us I would be pleased to see them. Thank you again
You can access - search, print, whatever - any file on for FREE at your local LDS Family History Center. Find one near you at -
Let me see if can help you with that information. What state did he serve from?
Pennsylvania we believe
What was it that Trudy looked up for you on your Peter Bollinger? That way I can find it easier...
Peter Bollinger was appointed with others that were serving on a case where someone had murdered a man.
I went and looked for it on Footnote and couldn't find.. grrrr
Thanks Patsy, We finally got it downloaded. We were hoping it would tell us something about Peter Bollinger's father Henry/Heirich of Lancaster PA. We have seen on several sites that he was killed by the Tories. They say he did not preform a service so he was not considered to have helped in the American Revolution. We think if the Tories killed him it had something to do with the defense of his home or country. It may be that Peter Bollinger Sr. was in the Revolutionary War against the Tories. But we have not found a record of his service.



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