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I am sure there are a lot of websites out there to ask this question, but i'm new here and would like to have some discussions posted :) .
... Is there a group for "questions to ask family members", if so, could someone post a link up here for me. I did look and search for such group, but did not find anything as of yet.

I REALLY need to start talking to my great grandma about family stories while she is still with us. she will be 97 this year and is just in love with the fact that I have decided to become a genealogist. I have been able to trace back from Her 5 generations (8 from me) into scotland. She never knew her mother and I have brought her great joy showing her records of her mothers family and her journey to Canada. sadly, her mother passed in 1918 from the flu when my nan was only 2.

thanks for your help :)

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She will have grown up and been a young woman while so many things went on here in the US.  I would ask what the Stock Market crash and subsequent Great Depression meant to her family--some families it didn't affect so much.  What it was like during WW2 and did she have any family members that served. What was her opinion about the Civil Rights Movement--try not to judge.  How did she feel when her President was assassinated (Kennedy), and did the VietNam War feel any different to her than WW2.  What does she think is the most amazing thing technology-wise to have been accomplished in her lifetime?  And when was she the happiest?  Wow...  what an amazing resource you have!  Have fun, and God bless your great grandma!

thanks for some good ideas. Altho, we do live in Canada, but some things can certainly be adjusted.
I do know she wont talk about the war. her husband went off to the war and came back a changed man, and not in a good way which led to her divorcing him and her having to put her children (my grandma) in foster care.



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