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Along with a ton of others, these are my most prominent Quebecois surnames:  Maltais/Maltese; Fontaine, Charbonneau, Gagnon, Bienvenu; and any/all related family lines that connect to these.

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Would you be willing to email me a copy of that census? I'm having trouble trying to decipher WHICH Nadeau family this could be - typical, every other person up there has the same name! lol

I have some family lines who were in Three Rivers. You can email me at - and anything I find I can post on here, in case it helps the others!
I sent the 2 census I had. His wife, Flora, was a strange lady. I never heard a nice thing about her. I'm sure it was her that have the census worker her husbands name as George. That was her first husbands name. Joseph was her second husband. If he immagrated to the US in 1862 then wouldn't he be in the Canadian census of 1861? I appreciate all your help. I have had a very difficult time trying to get information on this family. Between the language barrier and Flora's lack ot trust, it has been frustrating.
Thanks Again
The FIRST thing I noticed on the census record for 1900 - there are two step children listed living with them - both have the last name of MORAN. And they are listed as being French Canadian. Plus, next door is another MORAN family, also listing themselves as French Canadian.

MORAN is Irish. It comes from the original Gaelic O Moghrain. This already tells me that something odd was going on. But for the census to list Joseph as George - it could have been Flora who purposely gave this information. But, it could also be an enumerator who simply was not listening and paying enough attention to what he was doing. This was much more common than many realize.

I do a lot of transcribing of census records, and you simply would not believe some of the things the enumerators used to write to fill in the information! and I'm sure that some of them wrote what they were told - but just as many would just put whatever they felt like putting in the boxes.

As for Joseph being in the 1861 Canadian census - yes, he should be there. But that doesn't mean he or anyone in his family is actually on there anywhere. Plus, they may be on there, and very well could have used other names - such as middle names, spelled the last name in a very different way (and did this by choice), or literally "assumed" a total other identity.

Why? Who knows? My own gr-grandfather Maltais did the very same thing. I hunted for him and his wife for years, only to recently find them living with a brother. He, his wife, and as near as I can figure at the moment, at least three of their oldest children are on that census record, under DIFFERENT first names!

It took dissecting each and every line and working through every bit of information to finally figure out that this was indeed my gr-grandparents and some of my gr-aunts and uncles. In the case of my gr-grandfather, I'd be very willing to bet he did this on purpose. He wasn't the most upstanding man around, believe me.

Okay, I'll go digging tomorrow and see what I can come up with for you!
I just double checked to see when the 1861 census was taken in Canada. It was taken on January 14, 1861. And yes, the family should have been on there at that time, IF they were still in Canada.

However, I also found a small clue that might help in finding them on this census - the Agricultural Census, which is separate from the general population one. I'll check it out, also.
Thank you for all your help, I had given up on finding anything for Nadeau's. I can't remember which census I sent you. I don't think I sent the 1910 census. She had Joseph's name as Tony on that census. So, let see, Elmer one census, George the next and then Tony. See what I mean about this lady.
And yes, she was married before to a man named George, that is the two children you mention. George died in WW1 before she was married. Georgeann, married, move away and never had any children. I am trying to trach her now. Thanks again. Let me know if you need anything else.
Sorry, I was in a hurry and gave you the were wrong. Flora Nadeau had Joseph's name as Adam, not Tony and she had him 9 years younger than her.



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