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Along with a ton of others, these are my most prominent Quebecois surnames:  Maltais/Maltese; Fontaine, Charbonneau, Gagnon, Bienvenu; and any/all related family lines that connect to these.

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Hi, I have no MALTAIS families in my database. I do have GAGNONs but no Joseph, sorry.

Attached is what I have on the CARBONNEAU-PROVENCAL family.
François Nicolas Malteste his my ancestor and
his father was François Malteste and his Mother was Marie Bruneau

F-Nicolas married Marie-Anne Rolland in St-Cybard Poitiers-Poitou France jan. 10 1720

Marie-anne Rolland
Father Nicolas Rolland work at Poitier City hall
Mother Marie-Anne Verignault
Nancy -

Hello! Nice to meet a cousin!

I have in my information that Francois Nicolas' parents were Francois and Marie, but I didn't list them because I was not sure that this had been proven yet. The last I had heard it was still being researched.

Anyway, nice to meet you!
I hace proof but its in french,'im french Canadian and my mothers name its Maltais i just found it this week....the paper says that Francois Nicolas' malteste was born in italy around 1700 i found the info in a paper about Marie-anne-Rolland i think it was on i think if you read french i could send it to you!
have Nice Day
Is that the one that is a copy of the research conducted by Jean-Marie Germe and Marcel Fournier? I have seen that one online. My grandmother said all her life that the family came originally from Italy, then to Malta, then up to France, and then to Quebec.

I have found in reading about different historical events and things in general, that there was a man by the last name of Malteste who was sent to Malta by the deMedici family . This was back in the 1500's to early 1600's.

In reading the information, I got the impression that it was not a good thing that he was sent there. It seemed to be a choice of whether he fled to Malta, or was more or less ordered to the island. I think several members of the family came with him.

From there they started migrating up into France - not sure why? But I would think most likely political turmoil would be a major reason. And from France, into Quebec, possibly for the same reason?

My French is.... laughable at best, but I can struggle through and translate most of what I'm reading. I would love to see the paper! What I cannot read, I transfer to a translator to help me, and also to double check what I have translated to make sure I have read right.

Now for the important question - WHICH one of the Maltais do you descend down from? Which Maltais is your mother's father? This is great - I have found many Maltais, but have been unable to establish contact with most of them.
François Malteste & Marie Bruneau Dont have much on them
Francois Nicolas Malteste & Marie-Anne Rolland
Jean-Baptiste Malteste & Marie-Josephte Gagnon
Jean-Marie Malteste & Marie-Charlotte Dallaire
Jean Maltais & Marguerite Bellay
Romuald Maltais & Émilie Gauthier
Joseph Maltais & Alphonsine Gagnon
Marcellin Maltais & Rose alma Simard had 12 Childrens
Bertrand Maltais et Ruth Coudé they had 13 living childrens among them my mother Anne Maltais

Marie Anee rolland i learn yesterday that she dies in Ile-aux-coudres i was ther the day before every years i go ther for camping and i didnt know ...that my ancester was fom there years im gonna go around cimetery's in Les éboullements and Ile -aux coudres cause a lot of my Malteste ancester died over there....

I print screen the paper that i found and sent you a picture of it
on the rigth you have the information on the parents of the groom and bride ask me what you not able to translate...thanks for your information i really appreciated

Soory for my bad writting in english...
my quebec names is
Does anyone have a Nedeau, Nadeau or any variation of this name. The given name is Baptise.
What year was he born, TerryAnn? I have a Jean-Baptiste NADEAU born 23 February 1742; married Genevieve HAUTBOIS on 17 November 1766 in St-Michel, Bellechassse, QC. His parents were Guillaume NADEAU and Therese ROY.

Is this the right one? If you have even an idea of the time period born, that would help! Pat
Hi Pat,
His son Joseph Elmer Nadeau was born September 1860. I am thinking that Baptise was born 1825-1840? Maybe even before 1825. According to the marriage license, his mother was Alma Robechanas. But who know the correct spelling. He spoke very little English and could not write, so it was up for interpertation. Does any of this sound familar.
I don't have him in my database, but I can still try to help! Can you tell me where Joseph was born? I'll start there and see what I can find for you! Pat
I am not sure, all the census has is French Canada. But my grandmother told me that Grampa's family was from outside Quebec, a little town named Three Rivers. Older family has also given me the same information. Does that name show up in any of your records?



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