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Along with a ton of others, these are my most prominent Quebecois surnames:  Maltais/Maltese; Fontaine, Charbonneau, Gagnon, Bienvenu; and any/all related family lines that connect to these.

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Oui! Vous avez tout a fait raison. C'est Miville-Deschenes and Antoine Cazes qui, je pense, et le pere de Louis Cazes. Merci

Hi - I am trying to find a copy of the Genealogy of the Tremblay family written by James Lalone.  I am looking for information prior to Phillibert Tremblay and have found some notations on  I do not use family tree data and have supported all of my research with documented history.  Please let me know if there is somewhere I might be able to trace the family back further.  I have been able to follow my husband's family back to:

Phillibert Tremblay and Jeanne Coignet

Pierre Tremblay and Anne Jeanne (Ozanne) Achon

Pierre Etienne Tremblay and Marie Madeleine Roussin

Louis Tremblay and Madeleine Bonneau

Jean Tremblay and Charlotte Catherine Bessonnette

Marie Charlotte Tremblay and Jean Marie Tremblay - I know they have the same surname but his I found in the Quebec Geneolgical Dictionary of Canadian Families - Volume 7, section 2. 

Marie Marguerite Tremblay and Raphael Moreau

Charlotte Moreau and Jean Baptiste Therien

Marie Adelaide Therien and Jean Baptiste Hebert

Cedalie Hebert and Albert Roy

Marie Alice Roy and Friedrich August Beyer

Paul Frederick Beyer and Dolores Morelli

Paul Frederick Beyer (my husband)

I am happy to share my documents from my search - I really am interested in your book!!

I have researched the Charbonneau from Montreal> Kingston and have some info on a few lines will share
I have been told that surname Young was before Gagnon do you know that to be true? There is a Gagnon family in NY that moved here to Michigan and became Yougs
I've never heard of any Gagnons who changed the name to Young, but.... who knows? People do change their names sometimes when they migrate or move around; they've done it throughout history, as we all know well, right? lol

The name was originally GAGNE' and then became GAGNON. There are still some in Quebec who use GAGNE', I believe.

Do you have your line back to Olivier CHARBONNEAU? And if so, which one of his children does your research come down from? Very interesting family, to say the least!
I have a Paul Charboneau that married Josephine Woulet or Willette or Ouelette in Kingston. She came from Montreal her father Jean Woulett
When was Paul born? Oh, and his parents? Do you have that? I don't have Paul in my info, but I have a ton of Charbonneau, so very probably at least have his father.
Now what I write is by no means proven, but here is what I have in Family Tree Maker. Paul Charboneau first married Maria Ofmen (Hoffman) and they had Bernard Dubois 1808.

He then married Marie Josephine "Willett" Feb 19, 1816 she born 1792 Montreal to Jean Francois Willett (1735 died by 1832 Kingston), and Maria Cardinal (born 1753 died ~1868 in Etobicoke & yes was ~115ys I have her age 109 in 1861 census). Paul & Marie had jean Paul 1816, Charles 1817, John Laurence 1822 in USA, Michael 1823 in USA.

Paul's parents names were given in his marriage to Marie as Paul Francois Charboneau and Marie Genevieve La Clair. Someone told me that his grandparents were Michael Charboneau and Pierre LeClair & his wife was Charlotte LaPorte
Debbie and James both -

Serious question for both of you here - have either of you stumbled onto any Native American heritage in your French Canadian lines? I'm very curious about this because I just literally stumbled right into a TON of it!

We knew my grandmother Lillian Maltais had at least some Metis in her, but we have been unable to determine exactly how much. In the process of talking with a cousin and comparing what I grew up hearing and what she did (which for her, was a heck of a lot more than we were ever told about!) - she remembered her mother saying that our gr-grandfather Charles Maltais was at least some Ojibway - she thought it was 1/2.

This sent me to digging very deep tonight into the Ojibway records, and oh my gosh! Ancestor after ancestor just keeps coming up on the rolls! Grandmothers, grandfathers, going back several generations in SEVERAL lines!

I'm not sure how big of a post this message board will accept, so just in case, both of you take down my email - I think this deserves to be dug into very deeply - I know I sure am! This is proving many family stories at last!
I have posted my MONTOUR family in the Native American Group. Have also posted three LALONDE metis families in my LALONDE group here on Genealogy Wise and will be posting a fourth soon. As I have stated on my personal page I collect all Anishnawbe (Ojibwa(y)/Chippewa, Ottawa [Odawa] and Pottawatomi) genealogies for the Great Lakes area. Where did your MALTAIS settle/come from? Thanks, Jim.
Okay, if we go back far enough, Francois-Nicolas Malteste came out of Malta back in the very late 1600's. He migrated into France. Francois died in 1784 at St-Cybard, Poitou, France. His son Jean-Baptiste was born 18 January 1728 in Malo, St-Cybard, Poitou, France. He was the immigrant to Quebec. Jean-Baptiste died 19 May 1801 in Les Eboulements. Jean-Baptiste married Marie-Josephte Gagnon, daughter of Joseph-Marie Gagnon and Madeleine Tremblay.

There seems to have been a large number of Maltais in the Les Eboulements region during this time period. Also the name went from Malteste to Maltese during this time, but they seemed to use whichever one they felt like at the moment. lol

Jean-Marie Maltais/Malteste (seems the 3rd spelling came in about this time period) was born 10 May 1756 in La Malbaie, Ile-Aux-Coudres, QC. He died there on 11 November 1837. Jean-Marie married Marie-Charlotte Dallaire in La Malbaie. This shows the family was now living in the La Malbaie region.

Jean Maltais, son of Jean-Marie, was born 30 April 1784 at La Malbaie, Ile-Aux-Coudres,a nd died 26 February 1851. I'm not sure exactly where he died, but it was, I believe, in the area of La Malbaie. Jean married Marguerite Bellay/Belley.

Hypollite Maltais, son of Jean, was born 16 October 1830 at La Malbaie. We have no idea at all when or where he died - it is an ongoing search at the moment. Hypollite married Louise Gagnon, daughter of Jacob Gagnon and Modeste Fortin.

Hypollite/Charles Maltais, son of Hypollite and Louise, was born 5 march 1851 at Chicoutimi, Saugaunay, QC. He died 17 July 1927 at Laconia, Belknap, NH. Charles married 3 times: #1 to Marie Fontaine, daughter of Francois Fontaine-Bienvenu and Eleonore Ursule Charbonneau; #2 to Frances Aguski, daughter of a Polish immigrant (and that's all we know about her lol); and #3 to Marie Chouinard.

Lillian Frances Maltais, daughter of Charles and Marie Fontaine, was born.... take a guess here! lol What we HAVE is 21 January 1882 - where is anyone's guess, but we THINK somewhere near Chicoutimi. However, it's also possible she was born in Rudolph, Wood County, WI.

Eugene William Quinn, son of Lillian Maltais and Frank Quinn, was born 1916 in Cedar Rapids, IA; died 16 September 1980 in Colorado. This was my dad.

I am currently combing through any and all records, etc. I can locate concerning Ojibway and Metis lines. I'm finding a lot of Gagnons scattered around, several Charbonneau, and tons of other names on their various lists, etc. that are most definitely MY direct lines.

Okay, don't shoot the messenger - I think I just wrote a mini book! lol
BANG! Ok what I ment (since you started it) was the Ojibway-MALTAIS connection, where did they reside? I do have some CARBONNEAU-PROVENCAL families which used the CHARBONNEAU (and various) spellings in my database, are you interested in them? Jim
From what I've found so far, they were in the Lake Superior region. There was a Joseph Gagnon listed on there, and I'm 85% sure that he was a very close relative - possibly a brother to one of my grandfathers back there. And from what I've been reading, it seems that some family members would definitely claim the blood, others wouldn't and would stay very quiet about it.

As for Maltais - in the regions of Restigouches, La Malbaie, Chicoutimi - that is where I first found some small hints that pointed to them being at least part Metis for sure. Now that I've seen some historical maps of where the Ojibway were located, I have noticed that there seemed to be some small groups in these areas.

Yup - interested in the CARBONNEAU-PROVENCAL. I have some PROVENCAL in another one of my lines... off hand I want to say Tremblay? but can't remember for sure at the moment; will have to dig for them and see which one. Pat



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