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Right at this moment, I am more than disgruntled about passwords. Especially on AOL. There are some sites which require a password each and every time you want to enter the site. By the time I cram all the passwords into my brain there is no room for anything else. I keep a book with all the passwords that I have needed so I can refer to it quickly. Problem: each time I try to use that old password, I am locked out because the password is invalid. I have a string of invalid passwords that would stretch from California to New York. Please, is there anyone out there that has a good answer to this problem. I suspect I've created it for myself and if I have, how can I solve it? Barbara

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I use RoboForm...check it out at
If you use Firefox it has in options a page of passwords and will show websites and passwords.

OpenID was supposed to fix this but doesn't look like its a goer.

Usually I find sites have a password recovery option and they simply send an email with password. I use that a lot. Unless they have my money or my web site data I don't need to worry about password and sometimes have several ids at some of them
Try using KeePass.

I've also used RoboForm but to get the full program you have to pay for it. The free version will only let you store a certain amount of passwords. KeePass is completely free.



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