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Let me start off by saying that I know some of you aren't going to like the combination of paranormal and genealogy. Whether it be because of your ethnic background or religious background. Let me also say that I mean this lady or her family no disrespect. And believe me I mean you no disrespect either.


 The paranormal part of this story is how myself and five other people were attracted to this lady's grave. The genealogy part is my research to determine who she was and possibly why I was attracted to her.


I moved to York Co. PA in May 2008. In the middle of June I did a paranormal investigation with some friends from a local paranormal group. They showed me how to use divining rods (dowsing rods) to contact spirits. One night in August I was at Barlow's Knoll on the Gettysburg Battlefield testing my rods with a local sensitive. The rods would not work because they kept pulling to the left.  The Almshouse Cemetery is located there.


The next week in the daytime I went to the cemetery with my rods and asked if the spirit that pulled my rods towards the cemetery the previous week was still there and to cross my rods if so. The rods crossed. I then asked the spirit to make the rods point to where they were.  The rods swung around to point to a tombstone. I moved around the cemetery and asked the rods to point where the spirit was and each time they pointed back to the same stone. During the rest of the summer I was there numerous times and the rods pointed to the same stone. Five times while I was there others came to photograph the same stone. I asked if they were relatives. Each one said they were attracted to her stone, but were not relatives.


The lady's name is Rebecca Little who died 1882. Her maiden name was Wyble or Weible. She was married to Sam Little and they lived in Straban Twp., Adams Co. PA  They had two daughters Ann and Ruth. Ann died in the Almshouse too in 1880. Ruth married. I do not know where she or her family nor do I know where Sam Little are buried.  I posted a message on the Wyble page on rootsweb and a relative replied saying it was an interesting story but he knew of no psychic or paranormal powers in the family.


I have Wolford relatives in Adams Co. Just last week I discovered a David Little married a Wolford. I wonder if Rebecca and I are related.


Last week when I was there, I noticed the flowers I put on her grave earlier in the summer were still there and now there is an American flag. ( I wonder the significance.)


In all over the last 3 summers I have been to the cemetery 25 times to say hello. 24 of the times the rods pointed to her stone. The one time they did not, the rods pointed to her daughter Ann's stone.


Let me reiterate. I mean no disrespect to Rebecca or Ann or their family.  I mean no disrespect to anyone who may be offended by reading this.

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Jim, that is very interesting!  Are you going to further check out the Little/Wolford line?

I am a religious person. I don't think this is any more offensive or 'out there' than me asking for Divine Intervention. Some records in my family tree just do not exist. The tenth child of my sixth great-grandparents only has a year of birth. Her mother who died after the child was born, although there is no real reason given for this death, just the mention the child was born, and that it was during an Indian uprising. So, my sixth great-grandmother only has a year of decease. It's truly sad. Not only that, but her remains have never been found. She's in a forest, somewhere near the Nolichucky River in what is now Tennessee.

There are 'unseen forces' in this world. I would continue to dig to see if this person you were 'directed' to has a story that needs be told. Or, that you may also be related.

Me? After prayer I awoke one morning thinking it was someone's birthday in the family, only to realize when I was fully awake, that it wasn't so. I marked that date as little Nancy's birth date. Today, I also awoke from a 'strange' dream in which I felt I should send a bereavement card to a relative, only to realize the deceased had died a few years ago and said card wouldn't be appropriate now. I take this as an answer, too.

I, too, mean no disrespect to anyone. I just know I've got some peace, now.

Hello..I realize you wrote this sometime ago but it's a very interesting story..I have had a couple experiences that were definitely different, too..I have always felt my ancestors close to me..some closer than others!

Brenda,  I truly believe we receive messages from the other world spirits, and also from the Religious Spirits which surround us.  Would you be comfortable giving some details of your experiences?

Very interesting stuff. Please keep telling us about it.



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