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I'd like to open a discussion for those of us seeking information about our colonial (1600s-1700s) ancestors in Long Island. Many were dissidents who left Massachusetts Bay seeking religious freedom; some of these were Quaker, and others followers of Anne Hutchinson. Some of the names among my ancestors there are Underhill, Weeks, Merritt, Titus, Willlis, Willets, Haviland, Seaman, Kirby, Jackson, Franklin, Coles, Cock, Bowne, with much intermarriage among them. Let's share what information we have about them and their lives.

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Very interested in the Germains; my 2x ggrandmother was Esther Germaine who married John Wansor probably from Glen Cove or Lattingtown. I believe Esther's parents were John Germain (Jermain) and Hannah Golding. When did Simon Germain immigrate?

Hi Jeanie,

I'm descended from the Germond/Jarman/German/Germains.

We have Golden/Goldings in the line (Hannah Golding, daughter of Daniel Golding of Greenwich, CT, who was married to John Germain of Oyster Bay)

And regarding the Germonds, you mentioned.  There was an Isaac Germond of Hempstead, in our line, who transferred to his son, Charles German, in 1721 some of his land holdings in Greenwich, CT.  [I am not certain of who Isaac's father was, what time line is your Isaac?) Charles then had a son John, a daughter Mary (Gorman) who married one John Bullis and eventually moved to Armenia (Duchess Co., NY - as did many of the Germond/Germans from Long Island as far as I can tell).  Mary and John Bullis cared for Charles' son Charles after his death.  Some 40 years later, another Charles German/Jarman (of Greenwich) is captured during the whaleboat raid on Long Island to capture Judge Jones in the Revolutionary War.  This Charles is the father of the John  Germain mentioned above.


Feel free to contact me directly at brooks.genealogy[at], so we can compare notes further.




Hi All,

I'm new here, but excited by the prospect of joining you. I've traced my GERMAIN line back to Oyster Bay / Glen Cove / Musketa Cove, to Charles Germain/Jarman of Greenwich (~1760) [father of George, John, and Elisha], but now find myself with a bunch of questions. But let me start out small and throw this one out to you all:

- Some Germains were buried in the old Peacock-Germain cemetery on Peacock Point, which was closed in the early 1900's and the remains transferred to Locust Valley Cemetery. I can't find much additional history about the Point until it was bought by Henry Davison for his estate in the early 1900's. Does anyone know anything more of the history of the location? I ask specifically because the Germain line has several "Ralph Peacock Germain"s who show up, starting ~1829...and around the same time, a Ralph Peacock arrives from Greenwich and settles in Oyster Bay. His sister Sarah Peacock has already married Stephen Underhill in 1823. I have the feeling that the appearance of the "Ralph Peacock" name in the Germain line is somehow related to the arrival of Ralph Peacock from Greenwich (especially as the Germains had previously been from Greenwich) first thought was some sort of intermarriage between the Germains and the Peacocks (like the known marital connection of the Germains to the Cox - Ralph to Martha), but I can't find it - which makes the occurence of a common cemetery all the more perplexing. Anyone have any ideas or any information on the Peacock + Germain lines?
[ed. I found some limited evidence of an Alexander Peacock who apparently might have had a farm on the point since the late 1700's, but no definitive proof. And some additional legal testimony that "Ralph Peacock" of Greenwich was actually buried on his land in the 'burying ground' - perhaps this was Peacock-Germain Cemetery?]

-Ralph Brooks
My 2x great grandmother was Esther Germaine (b. abt. 1815) m. to John Wansor (b. abt 1812) of Glen Cove or Lattingtown, later Bayville I think. I don't know any more about the Germaines except Esther's parents are (supposedly) John Jermain and Hannah Golding, siblings Elisha, Ralph C., Daniel, Sarah, Elizabeth, Margaret, Josephine. The dates of their births span a period of over 35 years, so I doubt these are all of the same family. Even the date of Esther's birth seems off, since her supposed mother's birth was 1803. I don't have a notation as to sources, so don't know where the info came from unless it was through a Golding/Van Sise researcher. I guess it's time to start researching my female lines in earnest.

Hi Janice,


Yep, that's some of the right family.  [Actually Ralph P. rather than Ralph C. - the transcription from the census sources has been incorrectly reported in the past].

I have a fairly accurate history (you're right, the siblings you have listed do represent multiple families) courtesy of Edward Germain and Luke Travis that I've continued adding to with Bill Delaney.  Drop me a line at brooks.genealogy[at] if you're interested and we can compare our notes.

I remain very curious about Peacock Point's history prior to the purchase by the Davison family in the early 1900's if you have any info on that as well.

Ralph (Peacock?) Germain

Hi Jason,

Apologies for the delay.  Somehow I missed your posted question. 

We believe that Ralph P., son of John and Hannah, was indeed Ralph Peacock Germain.

His son, according to the Cox History on Google Books was Ralph Peacock Germain as well.

Thoughts or insights appreciated,


Any Wood Family Members in ytour Tree?

none in mine (that i know of), Sorry


My ancestors were Dutch and landed in NY in 1650s but were on Long Island by 1700s.  Adriaen Hegeman was married to Catherine Garretson.  They started mostly at Oyster Bay, Jamaica and Brooklyn but then went to Midwout (sp?) . Any others from Midwout whose Hegeman/Hagemans went to Amwell, NJ by mid 1740s?

I have the intermarriage names but far too many to list.  BIG family and lots of children.  We can compare here what we have.


I'm descended from the LI Weekses, the Cole(s), the Cock(s) directly; also Wansor and Bailey (brick walls). We (my cousin and I) think the Townsends and Underhills come through the Bailey line. Almost all your names are related as cousins to my families. We just haven't been able to break down our brick walls.
I see the relation through the Jones Line.
Sarah Jones, b. 1703, dau. of Major  Thomas and Freelove [Townsend] Jones,
of Oysterbay, gr.-dau. of Capt. Thonius  Townsend of Oysterbay and R. I.

Rebecca Frost died date unknown. She married John Underhill. He died date unknown
Child of Rebecca Frost and John Underhill is:
i. Anne Underhill was born 3 Dec 1755, and died 14 Dec 1775 
Anne Underhill (Rebecca Frost1) was born 3 Dec 1755, and died 14 Dec 1775. She married James Carpenter ABT 1775. He was born 12 Feb 1752 in Red Springs, Musketa Cove (now Glen Cove), New York, and died 29 Jan 1820. Red Springs is reference to red spring colony off red spring Ln. Child of Anne Underhill and James Carpenter is: 
+ 3   i. John Carpenter was born 7 Dec 1775 in Red Springs, Musketa Cove (now Glen Cove), Long Island, New York, and died Sep 1834. I should have mentioned in my last post I'm also an ancestor of Frost.



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