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Fife, or Fifeshire, Oliphants

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I have Oliphants from Newburgh, Fife as far back as the late 1700's. I am aware of an Oliphant in Newburgh in 1660's who was the minister of the local church which was burnt down by two women who were classed as witches, who on conviction were hung and burned.
Anyone else have any Oliphants in Fife?
Hi Ronnie,
I looked on and the earliest baptism there in Newburgh is 1659. Laurence Oliphant and Jonnett Young had 5 children around that time.
Thanks Richie, this is the minister of the church that I mentioned above, I have not been able to confirm if he is part of my Oliphant's. I will keep banging away till I can crack the connection!
Hi Ronnie,

Laurence Oliphant the Minister of Newburgh was actually styled of Kilmarone, which he sold. He was the fourth generation to own it. His great grandfather, Peter Oliphant of Kilmarone was the brother of William Oliphant, younger of Kellie. William died prior to 1518 and I suspect that he actually died at the Battle of Flodden.

The second Oliphant of Kilmarone (Peter's son) was called Bernard. This is a name which is almost unique in the Oliphant family. There was only one other Bernard and he was born in Cumbria, which is where the Scots fled to when routed at Flodden. I suspect that there is a direct link between the Oliphants in Cumbria nad the Oliphants of Kellie.

The Minister had the following children:-
Henry Oliphant of Hattonhill
John Oliphant
Lawrence Oliphant
William Oliphant
James Oliphant
Janet Oliphant
Jean Oliphant

The full genealogy is in a book called the Red Book of Perthshire by Gordon A MacGregor.

Tell me more about your own genealogy please. I have researched many families of Oliphant in Scotland and I would love to share information.

Yours aye,




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