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Question:  What do you do if you have one family surname (Rundvall) and family legend says the name was changed from Larson?  How do you find out if indeed it was changed and when?

I'm focusing on Vidunas surname, immigrated from Lithuania to USA, particularly Pennsylvania then to California and other parts. I've started a blog where I'll post my findings.

I am back to doing genealogy research after having to take a break of several years because I just didn't have time to spend on it. I'm starting with my Cox line and have come upon an interesting book online called The Cox Family in America that gives a lot of history on the several Coxes that came to America from England, Sweden, Holland, Scotland to name some. And even includes early genealogies for many of them. From what I understand Coxes from these different lines spread far and wide across America. Since certain names were so common in different lines (like Isaac, Thomas, Wm), I still haven't connected my Isaac to which one he may have descended from. What I do know is that his folks migrated from Greene Co, PA over to the area of Tyler Co., WV by 1850 when he shows up on the census there. From what I have gathered he was born about 1795 in PA and married Mary Wise, probably also from PA and probably married they were married in PA but I haven't found a marriage certificate.

What I have come to seriously question is that my Isaac was the son of Michael and Jeruthea (Brooks) Cox in Ohio Co, VA(WV). I see a number of folks have put them on their trees as being his parents, but the more I dig the more I doubt this. They did have a son named Isaac, BUT his place of death is different than my Isaac, who I know to have died in Pleasants Co, WV. Which is in keeping with him living in Tyler Co, WV in 1850 and I believe Pleasants Co was created from parts of other counties, including Tyler. Having grown up in Pleasants Co and living in the same area where my grand and great-grandparents had lived for years I know which is my Isaac in WV.





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