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My g-grandfather came over here from Weurttenberg, Germany.  I don't know the exact year, but his name was Frank (Franz) Graser and he was born in 1835.  I'm not sure if the name was changed before it became Graser.  He married my g-grandmother, Mary Musser, in York, PA in 1860.  Although I know this information I would like to get doucmentation, specifically for my g-grandfathers naturalization papers.  Can anyone tell me where to go from here?  I belong to and can't believe I am unable to find the naturalization papers.



Barb Graser


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Say, where did Frank's parents names as Joseph & Gertrude come from?
The port of Philadelphia has been a major port of entry for Pennsylvania's emigrants since 1682. Crew and vessel lists for the years 1789-1880 are available at the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.
Key Places To Search: Pennsylvania Supreme Court; City & County Courts; U.S. Federal Court; National Archives & Record Administration; Pennsylvania State Archives; State Library of Pennsylvania; Carnegie Library of Pittsburg; LDS Family History Centers; Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
I'm not really sure where I did get those names. I put them on my tree but can't match them with Frank right now. The info you provided about Franklin Greaser looks to be my family though. Some of those names look familiar. The naturalization paper or passenger list? was really informative. I really appreciate all the information you have been sending. It is really very nice of you.
no problem, I aim to help, haven't definitely found Frank or others earlier than 1870 though as yet. Will look some more, Lisa
I am so glad you are out there helping me. If you have time and still want to look, I appreciate it.
Where did you find this? ;) I will look further and see what I can see! Barb

let me know if you still need some help, I lost track of some  conversations :( sorry!




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