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Need some help working through – removing and grafting branches

 my wife and I are pretty new to operating  in Right now, we set things up for her family tree and my family tree. We realize we would like them both together. Can someone please tell me how to remove a branch, no matter where it is, and graft in a a branch from one of the other trees are from somewhere else. Maybe even within our own trees.

 Any help someone can give me I would greatly appreciate it.

 Thanks! – Doug Maples

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 I noticed there are 19 views for my original post, but I do not see any replies. Is this correct?

 We're just trying to copy a branch from one tree to another tree. And then graft in.


You may want to contact Ancestry's customer service to ask them the best way to do this. They can help you step-by-step and help you avoid any problems that may arise. 

Gena Philibert-Ortega

Director, Genealogy Services

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies


Thanks a lot!

 Is that done online? I tried to find where to write to them, but have come up empty.

 I am loving my genealogy searches for my family.

You can call them or email. I would recommend calling so they can walk you through it. 

Their phone number can be found on this page of their website:




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