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 I did a Y-DNA test with SMGF last year that shows an exact match to a Dudley in Constable, NY.  Who is a direct descendant of Gov. Thomas Dudley of MA.


Would like to find the Dudley, who changed his name to Rhodes in the 1730’s.


 A new found Rhodes uncle in 1966 told me that our ancestor, his son, and two brothers were privateers for the British Navy. Their eye sight got so bad they couldn’t tell British ships from Spanish ships.


They were captured and taken to London as pirates. My ancestor was hung from a yard arm by the British Navy. His two brothers and son were taken to the southern colonist to work in the rice and indigo fields. They didn’t like the working conditions and escaped.

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Can;t recall which on-line DNA company did mine, anyone is welcome to see it.  Omitting my parents, thiis is my Gov. Dudley lineage.

James Alfred Miller

parents omitted

Edward Yonge Wootten & Ruth Irma James

Capt. Harry Copp James & Leilia Ogden Malone

LtCol Robert Wm. James & 2nd Jane Ann Nixon

Lt. John (W.?) Nixon & Adeline Cecelia Copp

David Copp, Jr., Esq. & Mary "Polly" Watson

LtCol. David Copp, Sr. & Margaret "Molly" Palmer

Maj. Barnabas Palmer, Sr. & Elizabeth Robinson

Christopher Robinson & Elizabeth Hilton

Dudley Hilton & Mercy Hall

Edward Hilton, Sr., Esq. & Ann Dudley

Rev. Samuel Dudley & Mary Winthrop

Gov. Thomas Dudley/Gov. John Winthrop






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