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This past September (2017) I traveled to Virginia and stood on the Homeland of my Nanzatico Indian Ancestors. They lived along the Rappahannock for thousands of years before Colonization. My ancestors Charles and Ambrose Lewis were the sons of "Indian" Charles who was a member of the tribe. The Homeland of the Nanzatico is in King George and Caroline County along the Rappahannock in Virginia. 

In 1704 several members of the Nanzatico were accused of killing a white family that had encroached on their land. They were tried by the Colonial Government found guilty and hanged but that was not enough. A decision was made to ship the remaining adult members of the tribe to Antigua as slaves. My ancestor, "Indian" Charles was about 5 years old and any children under 14 were spared. The adults were shipped to Antigua and never heard from again. The children were indentured out to Plantation owners for 25 years and their racial status was changed to Mulatto. My Nantatico Ancestor Charles Lewis and his brother Ambrose were indentured out to John Lewis along with their father.  The brothers served as Seamen and Soldiers out of Fredericksburg during the Revolutionary War. 

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In Lancaster and Northumberland County my Pinn ancestors were the Wicomico Indian Tribe. They were Tributary to the Powhatan which was a much larger tribe. They lost their land as it was encroached on and given to European Settlers. My direct ancestor Rawley Pinn, his brother Robert and Nephews Billy Jim and John fought at the Siege of Yorktown during the Revolutionary War. I am a member of the Monacan Indian Tribe through Rawley Pinn's Wife Sara Evans Redcross-Pinn. 

My ancestral roots run deed in Virginia. 

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