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Miles and Piles of Paper - what is your favorite method of filing your genealogy papers?

I look to the left of the computer and there is a pile of papers about 10" high. These papers are anything from obituaries, Ancestry census's, e-mails from other genealogywise friends and important information. These papers will not go in the trash! I have started binders by surname. The binders fill up pretty quicky. Do you have a tab for every first name of a person with that last name? How do you do your filing?

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Hello Mary,
I am new to this site, but this I like this discussion and ideas from other members!
Thus far I have organized my papers:
1. - every piece of paper, photo and document (some dating from the 1800s) has to be placed in archival-quality (acid-free) sleeves, folders or boxes (I order mine from Demco)
2. - thus far all individuals are filed alphabetically. I have 3-tab folders and use the left tag for all UK family members - middle tag for all IRELAND members - and right-hand tag for all USA family members - but they are all slotted in alphabetically. (I have other nationalities too, but these 3 are the main ones)
3. Each tab has last name first, then first and middle names, with their dates immediately below. In parentheses to the right is the spouse's name (but their records will be filed under their own name - maiden name for the wife). Further down on the main jacket cover I list the names of the immediate family - parents and children.
4. I keep family trees in separate folders - again marked alphabetically by family.
5. Memorabilia and artefacts are placed in appropriately sized archival boxes (again from Demco) and labeled with the name and provenance.
6. I still haven't started this, but I intend to soon! - to create a cross-referencing alphabetical and numerical catalog system online, but which can be printed out for future use by descendants.
Hi Angela. You have a great idea. Looks like I need to order some acid free sleeves or folders. I will have to go and check out Demco as you suggested.

Thanks for your feed back. You are appreciated.

Have a great day.






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