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1940 Census Horace McCray an age 67 and estimate birth year 1873 Male,Negro and is from Alabama and married and is Head of Household and he stayed in Detroit,Wayne Michigan and the address was 3405 Beaubien and sheet number 17-A Number of Household 204 and he (Rented) and attending School/College no but was din the 7th Grade in Elementary School and yes he had income.and Also he is in the 1930 Census Horace Chester Mac Cray and his age was 56 Birth year 1874 and Spouse Name is Flora Johnson Mac Cray.Horace was alive in 1943 and he died July 11,1945 in Detroit Wayne Michigan at Receiving Hospital and died of (Hypertensive Heart Disease with Myocardial Infarction)by Doctor Burt Stofer.M.D.)and also for his father Blunt McCray is is from (Huntsville,Madison Alabama I think that he was born around (1850) or other but any way he died from a blunt object hit him in the chest is was a (WaterPipe) and kill him he died at home in Huntsville,Madison Alabama if some one no information  help?me out please

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Could you be more specific about the information you are seeking?



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