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I am from the northeast (NJ). Many of my ancestors were among the earliest settlers in this area and further north. None of my ancestors moved west or even south. (Wash DC was the furthest and that was only for a short time). I find it is VERY frustrating to engage in online groups and surname queries because a majority of entries are inquiring for everywhere except HERE.
Has anyone else experienced this? Any theories on why?

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BTW thanks David for the link to Free Newspaper Archives link!! I've know about the other one and go back and check often for updates. This is great stuff...thanks again :))
No not unreasonable, just flustrated. Most of my NJ ancestors moved west after a Generation or two.
One of My earliest ancesters who were in NJ came down from NH about 1660 or so and raised a family whom after a generation began to spread out westward. Hugh DUNN who worked wht the baptist group in Piscataway New Jersey let fairly good records of his activities including marriage to Elizabeth Drake.
Have been looking for another ancestor whom I remember was listed as an early resident in establishment of Newark NJ but can't seem to find that record so I can continue the serch.
Some of my MD cousins moved to NJ from maryland but do not know when.
Happy Hunting
I wish mine had stayed close to one location!!! Mine are scattered from here to kingdom come :O
I would imagine it would be a whole lot easier to search through records had they stayed put!
I too am descended from some of the earliest settlers in the Northeast....... the Cosper of Morris County, NJ, the WEEKS of Oyster Bay, NY, the WHITE, CURTIS, ELLIS of Androscoggin County, ME and the STUART, BREWSTER of Plymouth, MA and HAMILTON, FREEMAN, COBB, ATWOOD and others from Barnstable County (etc.) MA

Maybe it's that you just haven't come across researchers who have traced their lines back to NJ at this point in their research? Do you engage in NJ related research groups/boards?

Good evening Eileen.

Have you tried outside your country with surnames such as Wiley and Cogans...

Roger F



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