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Here is a question. I have not been able to figure out the parents names of my gr gr grandpa. I actually have the marriage certificate from 1864 from Iowa, that my Grandma passed down.

It dawned on me he probably would have had to put down his parents names on the application for marriage. Do you know how I can access the application? I'm afraid if I ordered a marriage record, I would get what I already have. It is a marriage certificate about a quarter size of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Only the bride, groom, place, and witnesses are on it.

Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated. This has been one of my brick walls.


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hi Mary-

Have you researched Iowa's marriage records/applications? I would assume each state is different in the format they use and what year they started keeping marriage records?
You didn't mention a county, or what searches you have already tried (so we set up Group on Serious Queries), such as the first step for most genealogists -the Family History Library Catalog (so we have a group on THE FHL, and on on the FHLC).

Yes for Iowa, many marriage applications and licenses and related paper trails were created; this record keeping is detailed in the old WPA inventories. The FHLC usually notes with terms such as applications when they have been microfilmed, mostly from the original files of the county, Circuit, and District courts.
good hunting=
I've done research in Iowa. Contact the county recorder/clerk where the marriage took place, as that is where the records are. There are two records: the index and the marriage record. You want copies or transcripts (if they cannot be copied) of Both. The index (depending on the county) will contain different information from what is on the marriage record. The marriage records will consist of a legal size page in a book. Both the marriage license and marriage record should be on the same page. The marriage certificate you have is most likely different from the marriage certificate recorded in the book. Is the certificate you have all hand written or is it a form?
The marriage certificate that I have is about a quarter of a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and is a form with the blanks hand written in. I will certainly use your advice about requesting the index and the marriage record. I was not aware of the index so your advice is great.




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