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Magnifying old handwriting, so it can be deciphered and read.

What's the best way to magnify old and faded handwriting, so it can be deciphered better and easily read? 

Brownie MacKie

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I assume you have it in a paper format? I'd scan it at a higher than usual resolution so you can zoom in digitally on a computer.
Thank you. Sounds reasonable. I was afraid that the light of the scanner would help deteriorate the paper more. It's already very fragile.

:-) Brownie
If your paper is fragile, you may want to consider taking a digital photo instead. Definitely don't put it through a sheet-fed scanner, but even a flatbed scanner may try to flatten it in a way that damages the paper.
Make sure you use a decent camera to take the picture and set it to the highest resolution - you don't want to lose quality, especially if you will be zooming in on the computer.

Try a macro lens if you are using and SLR. If not, try the 'close up' setting on the camera (probably looks like a tulip).

Make sure you take the picture in even lighting conditions - you don't want bright overexposed bits.

Good luck ;)
Thank you! :-)
I find using a rectangle magnifying glass with one of those "fish eyes" in the corner the best thing to use. When you use a digital image you get distortion everytime you magnify it. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

I use my digital camera to make several photos from different angles, and lighting. Then I transfer to computer, and print on the best quality glossy photo paper. The digital and glossy will bring out hidden details we cannot see. Good luck





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