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Lucas - Lascelles Atkinson (barrister London) - Joseph (builder London) - Joseph (bricklayer Leeds)


My late father was George (Masutatsu Arthur) Lucas, natural son of Janet Lucas (~1900), sister of Lascelles Arthur Lucas and daughter of Lascelles Atkinson Lucas (1873), son of Joseph Lucas (1851 London), son of Joseph Lucas (1818 Leeds), son of William Lucas (1796 Leeds).

I'm trying to trace birth, marriage & death details of James Lucas, father of William Lucas (bricklayer), born on April 2nd, 1796 in Leeds and baptised on June 6th, 1796 at St Peter's Parish Church Leeds.

William Lucas had brothers & sisters also born in Union Street Leeds:
James Charles (1788), Rebecca (1790), Maria (1792), Harriet (1793), John(1794) , Robert (1795 ) &
Christiania (1799).

James Lucas, appears in the Leeds Directory 1798 (attached) as: Lucas, James, bricklayer, Union Street.

James Lucas appears in the York Poll 1807 (attached) as a freeholder: Leeds - Lucas James, bricklayer, (who voted for Viscount Milton).

I'm looking for parish register entries of birth, marriage & burial, as well as will, probate, death duties or property statement.

There are several James Lucas born 1750-1770 or married 1770-1790 but none seems to fit.

I would appreciate assistance.



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I'm having exactly the same problem in tracking down any further details for James. I am Matthew Lucas, son of Nigel Lucas, son of Joseph Lucas, son of Joseph Lucas, son of Joseph Lucas, son of Joseph Lucas, son of William Lucas, son of James Lucas.
My family also used to have some photos of the family at Foxhunt, Waldron, but over the years they seem to have vanished, I don't suppose there are more kicking about are there?
Any help with tracking down pictures or finding details on the mysterious James Lucas would be greatly appreciated.

I now have some more definite information on James Lucas, born 1756.

I also have photos of Fox Hunt.

Please reply to jimmypatlucas at


I'm afraid I can't seem to find you, my ancestry username is matthewlucas88. If you confirm my friend request I'll PM you my direct email details.
I am Helen Lucas, Daughter of Anthony Robert Lucas, Son of Robert Oliver Stanley Lucas, Son of Lancelles Lucas. Just started looking for info and would appreciate access to anything you have.
Hi my name is Charmaine Hardy. I think I m related to you.My great great grandfather was Joseph Lucas who built Foxhunt Manor & who gave the collection to Russell-Cotes Museum in Bournemouth. He was the grandfather of my Grandmother Gwendoline Langman ne Lucas on my Father s side. I have some of the family history worked out & strangely now live very close to the convent that was once Foxhunt Manor. Be interested to chat further if you so wish.
Hi Charmaine, great to hear from you - I would love to hear more. My Dad Anthony Robert Lucas is keen to hear everthing he can about the family. Look forward to hearing from you
Hi Helen,I have my part of the family tree in front of me but ther is nothing under the names Annie J Lucas= Lancelles Lucas so I have no knowledge of your part of the family after that, but it seems my line continues from the oldest brother of Annie, Joseph Lucas b 1871 d 1918. He was my great grandfather. I think it was his father an other Joseph Lucas who built Foxhunt Manor & bought the Villa Prattellini in Italy where my grandmother Gwendoline spent part of her childhood.. When these were sold all the collections from these places were given to the Russell Cotes Museum in Bournemouth where they still are I believe although no longer on show. When he sold the Manor & the villa I believe he bought a large pile in Bournemouth where he died. I can give you a lot of information on the family from this part if you are interested as it was researched by my uncle who sadly is now dead. I obviously come from quite an affluent heritage but wonder where it has all gone! Please get in touch again if you want to but I have to tell you I m not very good at computers so am limited with what I can send you.
Hi Charmaine, good to hear from you. I'm the James Lucas at the top of this conversation and my great grandfather was Lascelles Atkinson Lucas. Matthew Lucas (above) is son of Nigel Lucas, son of Joseph Lucas, son of Joseph Lucas, son of Joseph Lucas, son of Joseph Lucas, son of William Lucas, son of James Lucas. I have attached some family trees which may interest you. If you would like to see more,, please contact me at and I will send you an invitation to my family tree website. I am interested in the family history research done by your uncle. If you have it, I would like to photocopy or scan it. Regards, Jim
Hi james Im so excited to hear from you. Yes I d love to see more & I will try & send you some of the research I have here however I have to tell you I m not very good at doing this sort of thing so you might have to wait a while till I can get some help. My youngest son should be down round Christmas with his new son( another addition for the family tree) so Im sure he ll help if I can t manage it before.I f you look at the left hand side of your family tree you will see Gwendoline & I have all the tree leading off from her.On my family tree Joseph lucas & Ann Elizabeth Atkinson only had 7 children so you can see quite a lot is missing there.I will attempt to contact you on your website shortly.



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