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My dad spent a great deal of time compiling data for our family tree. He owns Family Tree version 8.0, and has used it faithfully for years. Because of medical issues, we cant upgrade his version to a newer one (he wont know how to navigate a different version). A recent problem arose, in that we had to reinstall FT 8.0 onto his computer. Now when I try to open the FT file, it gives an error message stating the file is from a newer version. It also give a phone number to call, which is no longer in service. I know that he does not have a newer version of FT, so Im not sure why that error message is popping up. If anyone is familiar with this problem, or knows of a work around, I would be extremely grateful for any assistance! 

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I am sorry to say that I do not know a way around it.  When my new laptop came with Windows 7,  I lost all the files and programs which used XP.  Years of work are all gone.  FTM of 2 years ago is incompadible.  I was told that if I can find a healthy computer withXL, it may be able to retrieve your data.  For the older programs FTM has withdrawn support for them,    I have lost years and years of work. 


If anyone finds a way around,  please let me know. now owns FTM.  Try ordering the newest version and installing it on the old machine...It's not hard to navigate.  I did that and all the information just found its way right to the program.  When you get this figured out, in the future be sure to keep paper copies of everything in file folders.  That's the only way to assure that you will still have your research.

Good luck!

B. MacKie





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