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This is a link to a newspaper article about a recent impromptu rally to help save the Michigan State Library, which the state is planning to close this fall. In the article is a link which takes you to a simple form where you can tell the governor of Michigan your opinion about their closing the library.

Whether or not you live in Michigan, the state library is an asset to all genealogists. Please take a moment to send voice your opinion.

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Is there a letter I can sign, I live in MA and don't have much MI genealogy to research, but am very concerned about your fabulous library and concerned about your records being divided up!
I don't live in Michigan either, but am concerned about any resource that affects genealogists! The news article in the link above also contains a direct link to the governor's office where you can voice your opinion. But here is that link to the governor's office as well:

The issue would be Closing the Michigan State Library, and hopefully you will click that you are against it. Pass this information on!
I went to the link you put up and sent off an email expressing my opinion of not closing the state library. Thanks



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