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I read this on the ancestry message boards.....I think this is worthy of sharing!!!!>>>

Thought I'd pass along this e-mail from Roger Moffat of the Western Michigan Genealogical Society. An event is being planned for August 5. This is worth copying and e-mailing to all your Michigan contacts.

"You may be aware that serious funding issues within the State of Michigan are being felt at the Library of Michigan, with Governor Granholm's proposal being to close the Library of Michigan and move the genealogy collection somewhere else. The ramifications of this for genealogy in the State of Michigan are possibly disastrous, with the potential closing of the Library and possible breaking up of the collection that has been accumulated over more than 100 years.

The Michigan Genealogical Council is organising a "Hands Around the Library" event at the Library of Michigan on the morning of Wednesday August 5th, and are hoping for a very large turnout to convince the Governor and elected officials of the importance of keeping the Library of Michigan open.

The website of the Michigan Genealogical Council with more information can be found here

WMGS is arranging to have a presence there, and a page on our website has some information at

Thank you

Roger Moffat
Membership and DataMaster WMGS
Western Michigan Genealogical Society
Dedicated to Gaining Knowledge, Preserving Records and
Teaching Others about Genealogy and Family History

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WOW thanks for sharing with us.



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