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Below is an excerpt from a message Mr. Donald Stringer left me-I added the website address to the funeral home, and there is a guest book on there if you would like to add some last thoughts for Dawn's husband Donald Stringer and the rest of the Stringer Family
Debbie Anne Jackson
Hey debbie, I am reading dawns messges and am comforted by the outpouring of love and sympathy at this time. This was quite sudden and we did not have insurance. I made arrangements yesterday with barrets funeral home in cleveland ga. their number to contact them is 706-865-3101. They are going to work with me on payments etc. but there is a portion of money they require to pay the men upfront that do the actual digging of the grave. There will be a showing thurs. from 12:00 to 2:00 for friends from there we will proceed to the gravesite for a service. Having said that I will say this my thoughts are if people are willing to send flowers would they feel offended if they send donations instead to cover some expenses. If they are willing to do that I am sure that those arrangements can be made through the above number. Would you please pass this on to the others at your site. I am not much of a comp. person myself.
Anything would be appreciated.
Thank you very much
Donald Stringer

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If had some extra money for them Id send in heart beat to help them out.





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