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John Wakefield (1615 - 1660) m. Ann (MNU) in 1644, Watertown CT - they are my 9th great-grandparents

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Hi John and welcome to the Wakefield surname discussions.  John Wakefield (1615-1660) is my 8TH great-grandfather....  Just thought I would get my 2 cents in on this discussion... Boy the Wakefield and Littlefield families sure do have lots of offspring... I am not watching the Super Bowl so just deeply involved in the computer today,  Have a great day...

Dear Cousin Molly,

I'm not watching the Super Bowl either.  Was watching an old movie, but it was making me sleepy :)  I used to work for MLB in Cleveland, so I'm waiting for Valentine's Day, when the four most important words in the English language was spoken:  "Pitchers and catchers report!"  But genealogy, thankfully, has no season.  In 2012 I had two papers published, and I'm working on one now.




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