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Hello, everyone!  New to the forum . . .

My direct HARRISON line appears to have stayed in Virginia along both shores of the James River from the 1600's thru 1945 when my mother married my father and moved out of VA.

My grandfather Edward Valentine HARRISON 1883-1924 of Prince George County, VA m. Rosa Eva MARKS.

His father William Henry HARRISON (Jr.) - 1844-1924 of "Racefield" in Prince George Co., VA m. Anna Emily EDWARDS.

His father William Henry HARRISON (Sr.) - 1804-1868 of "Racefield" in Prince George Co., VA m. Agnes Wilkins HEATH.

His father Robert HARRISON - 1780-1826 of Prince George Co., VA m. Charlotte Thomas PRETLOW.

His father Robert HARRISON - 1755-1797 of "Huntington" in Prince George Co., VA m. Henrietta Maria HARDYMAN.

That's where we get stuck - not sure who the last Robert's parents were. There are connections to the Charles City Co., VA Harrison's also.  I suspect the the line goes back to Benjamin HARRISON (the first) who is buried on Jamestowne Island.

Anyone else researching these Harrison's or any of the wives' surnames?



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That's great!  I believe he is my 2nd cousin, his father being Charles Hardaway Marks. The Harrison and Marks lines inter-married quite often. My grandmother Rosa Eva Marks and Hardaway's father, another Charles Harrison Marks, were siblings. (That CHMarks was a cadet at VMI and fought in the battle of New Market at the end of the Civil War, in case you like CW history.)  Btw, the bridge on Route 10 that goes across the river into Hopewell is named for Hardaway - he was a prominent politician many years ago.

I've occasionally tried to locate Charles Harrison Marks to see if I could compare information on my Marks lineage.  His dad was 'into' genealogy also.  I believe we met at a Harrison/Marks reunion in Prince George about 30 years ago.  I had two small children then and no time for genealogy - always hoped to get together with Hardaway some time, but never had the chance.

Thanks for the location info!  The names of these places sound so familiar, as do some of the surnames you mentioned in your first post.  I have access to five volumes of Prince George County information, collected by a Harrison ancestor during the WPA program in the 1930's.  If you have Dropbox, I can share them with you?  You might find some info on some of your other lines in there . . .



I'll bet you can help me.  My name is James Alfred Figg III. My grandfather was the Reverend James Alfred Figg, (who, according to his tombstone at Grace Episcopal Church in Bremo Bluff, Va where he was Rector until he died in 1968) was born at "Maycox" in 1891. I made a trip in the Fall to locate "Maycox" and was told by Carol Bowman Marks, Exec Dir. of the Prince George Co Historical Society (and it turns out is a cousin of mine) that the site of "Maycox" is within the James River Federal Wildlife Refuge. I got permission from the Federal Wildlife Dept. to walk thru, the day prior to deer hunting season, and located the cellar hole of "Maycox" (directly opposite "Westover"). I am assuming that the original "Maycox" (Maycocks) was destroyed in the Revolution, having been the model for the Skipwith's "Prestwould" which is a large Georgian Brick house***.  Thus the house my grandfather was born in was a later house....I met my cousin Carol Hopkins, who came with me, and we also discovered, the site of "Hawksnest" where the family cemetery of William Henry Figg, married to Susanna Elizabeth Emeline Harrison and their children are buried, the exception being, my great grandfather, William Benjamin Figg, who married Evelyn Fulton Clarke Butts, who are both buried at Brandon Episcopal Church in Burrowsville.  I would like to find out more about MY Harrisons and the Butts...... apparently Susanna was born at "Eel Banks" to the west of "Macox" and Evelyn at either "Hatches" or "Blairs" to the east of "Maycox"   all adjacent to and/or included in the James River Wildlife Refuge. I have traced Susanna E.E. Harrison Figg thru the "Old Colonial Line" to which she belongs. I see that your mother was Helen Butts, which would lead me to believe that WE are kin also. But it appears that YOUR Harrisons are of the "Presidential Line".  If, in fact, you are going to the Butts, Clary, Fenner, Figg annual reunion, I hope to meet you as I am going to try to be there too.  I met Kenneth and Ruth Figg on my last trip, he and I are the only Figgs left, I believe, as we both have only daughters. He is my father's 1st cousin, and they would be the same age, my father having died in 1994.


***Prestwould is a historic home near Clarksville, Virginia. It is the most intact and best documented plantation surviving in Southside Virginia. The home was built by Sir Peyton Skipwith VII, Baronet, who moved his family from his Elm Hill Plantation to Prestwould in 1797. It is modeled after "Maycox" on the James River.

It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2003.[4][1][5]

It is located on the north side of the Roanoke River, 1-mile (1.6 km) inland, approximately 6 miles (9.7 km) southwest of the intersection of Route 15 and Route 701, and approximately one mile north of Clarksville's city limits.[5]

Hi, my grandfather's uncle was Henry Robert Harrison, born 8 Sep 1874 in Virginia.  He married Hannah Walsh in Philadelphia in 1908 and they lived there the rest of their lives.  I'm trying to confirm that he was the same as the Henry Robert who is listed as a son of William Henry Jr. and Anna Emily Edwards.  Do you have any information that would help with this?  I know in the tree posted here it has the same birth date and his spouse is listed as "Harra Walsh" which makes it seem like a good match, but I'm hoping to find something more concrete.


Hi, Rob! 

Since you've read that tree, you saw that Henry Robert Harrison was my grandfather's brother. :)  I may not have any definite proof that he's YOUR H. R. Harrison, but I should be able to come up with more clues. The tree you see on here is what's posted on an old Harrison repository.  I have a more complete lineage that includes wives and children - it was compiled by an aunt and am hoping that it gives us more info . . . once I dig it out. (Sorry, we are renovating an old farmhouse and everything is packed away in a storage unit.)

What I can remember at the moment . . . I know there was a brother/uncle who left the area and married. Do you have marriage and death dates for Henry and Hannah? My mother used to tell me that Henry's middle name was supposed to be pronounced 'Ro-BER' - kind of French-sounding?  I may also have a photo of him, if you have seen any others and can recognize him.  (The photo has some of the Harrison brothers in it, but no names on it and I only recognize my grandfather.)  Mama and her siblings (two sisters are still living) knew several of their uncles.

I'm also in touch with another Harrison descendant who may be able to help.  I believe you can access my email if you click on my name? 





I don't have a drop box but anything that you could email to me would be appreciated. 

by the way, I've been told that it is spelled "Bicors" nor "Bicars".


'Dropbox' is a free program that you can download and use to share huge files. The cousin that has the WPA info introduced me to it b/c they are hundreds of pages. Some are just a report page - where the person went, date, mileage, etc. but then there are descriptions of houses, property, cemeteries. Can't email them - i tried to send them to Diana that way, but they are too big for attachments.

I was surprised to learn that Bicars/Bicors was pronounced Bickers! I believe it was also spelled that way at one point. Run an online search on it - quite a history! I only spell it with an 'a' because that's how I saw it the first time.

Let me know if you decide to give Dropbox a try. If not, we'll figure something else out.


I just realized that I do have drop box, so try sending something and see if it works.


Hello, Neil . . .

Did you ever get the info that I sent via Dropbox?  I had to take a huge break from my genealogy work - life does get in the way at times - and am trying to catch up on everything.

I shared Volume 1 of the reports again this morning to the email address you posted above.

Hoping to hear from you  . . .


Hello, Char S,

Your grandmother and my grandfather were siblings.  I'd love to compare notes with you.  It's been several years since I looked at GenealogyWise, so was surprised to find all these Harrison posts.  Irene

Hi, Irene!

Great to hear from you!  We were in VA a week ago and I met (or re-met after a couple of decades) a few Marks' cousins at a family get-together.  Would be happy to share info!



Just wanted to put in an update.  I have confirmed that my grandfather's uncle is the same H.R. Harrison that is your relative.  His death record shows that he was born in Prince George County to William Henry and Annie E. Harrison.

Henry Robert Harrison died July 2, 1969 in Philadelphia.  He is buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery just outside the city.  Thanks for your previous help with this.

This is where things get confusing, as Maycox was lived in by Carter Bassett Harrison(of Berkeley), younger brother of President William Henry Harrison, but here a Carter Bassett Harrison is shown as the son of William Allen Harrison of Prince George.

I do not know how the son of William Henry Figg and Susanna E.E. Harrison(Figg),  William Benjamin Figg and his wife, Evelyn Butts (Figg) ended up at "Maycox" in 1891 for my grandfather to be born there.

'tis a mystery...........


1824, 14 Dec. Probate of will of William Allen Harrison of Prince
George. Will dated at "Maycox" [plantation], May 22
1824. To son. Carter Bassett Harrison, my plantation,

Page 20 The Southside Virginian, Vol. IX No. 1

"Maycox", and 25 slaves. To son William Allen
Harrison, my plantation "Blairs", and 25 slaves. To
son John Henry Harrison my plantation, the "Mill
Farm" and mill. To daughter Anna Martha Harrison,
$5000 and 20 slaves. Slaves I got from my wife,
Martha, to be divided between Anna, William and
John. Balance of estate to be divided equally between
the four children. I wish my Uncle, William Allen, to
take charge of my sons as long as he lives, and I
appoint him and my relation, Benjamin Harrison of
Berkeley, my Executors. My daughter I leave to my
friend and her relative, Juliana Coupla[n]d, hoping she
will do a mother's part by her. My executors to be
guardians of children.

Signed W A Harrison
No witnesses.

At court 14 Dec. 1824, William Baird and Carter
Coupland made oath they believed the will to be
wholly written by the testator. Probate granted.



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