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I am new to this network and have been exploring my family history for about 10 years. On my father's side are Danish families of Skau, Holdt and Thorsmark and German families of Brunder and Stike (I think). On my mother's side are the Croatian (Dalmatian) family of Maric and the Slovenian family of Kolic.  My ancestors immigrated to the U.S.A. in the mid to late 1800s. The German side is most problematic. My great-grandmother, Bertha,  married Henry Brunder in 1887 in Starke County, Indiana. Her surname appears in various records as Steuk, Stenk, Stuk, Stuck, Struck, Steike, Stake and Stike. I have found a gravestone of August and Henrietta Stike in Pioneer Cemetery in Starke County and I think these were Bertha's parents. I have found much information about Danish, Croatian and Slovenian family members, but little about the German's. 

Another difficulty that I have had is in searching Census forms. There are certain family members that show up in some Census forms but not others. Is it possible to search Census forms by street address? So far, I have just been searching by name. However, I know the address of some family members (from city directories) but they don't show up when I search their names in the census. How can I find the page of a particular street address to see if there is a record?

I'm looking forward to advancing my studies through GenealogyWise

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