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Not sure if this is still an active site?..  

i am researching my family history connecting Polish and Lithuanian immigrants settling in Northeast Pa in the early 1900’s. 

Welcome Aboard, Peter,

I don't find myself over her very often, but I'm of the opinion, it's still active. Nice to have you join us.

I'm not here often, but yes we are ! Welcome ! 

Thank you Belinda and April, Cold NY winters give me plenty of time to work on my Ancestry projects. All the best with your research!!!

And the very same to you! I got really fortunate a year ago at Christmas. You might say I got my Christmas present early inasmuch as the records I needed to prove the relationship between my 3 X great-Grandmother and her father came in the form of a Probate Court record. The second wife chose not to be administrator of the estate after her husband's demise. He died intestate, but owned property, which meant it went into Probate automatically. This was a blessing, as the man who was petitioning the court to be the Administrator listed that the deceased had twelve children, and proceeded to list them by name (married name, in some cases) and where they resided at the time of the petition. :) There she was, my 3X great-Grandmother, proving, ultimately my descendency from my Patriot. I'm newly D.A.R. . :)

I have been searching every genealogical avenue I can find to help break through my brick wall. My main focus is the lineage of my GG Grandfather Benjamin P (BP) Smith. born in Georgia 1818, lived in Clay co. GA. Married to Sarah (Sallie) Green.

I have had my Uncles Ydna tested and he is R-M269 and is grouped as a line of Nicholas Smith (Virginia clan) that migrated to Franklin co. GA. Wondering if there is a skipped line some where and if anyone else may be from this line and experiencing a similar issue.

My G Grandmother was a Shaw and married BP's son, she came from a Smith line as well but from Hans Heinrich Schmidt, so when trying to research my uncles dna it gets confusing sorting them out.

Any help is appreciated.






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