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Hello All,

My name is Molly, and I would like to think that I know what I'm doing; but in reality I really have very little idea. I started doing some infrequent research several years ago as a hobby, I was able to uncover a few little known facts about my father's people and felt very proud of myself, and so started looking at my mother's illusive Pandora's Box of information. That little venture has me banging my head on a wall, I should have known better given her circumstances. My mother it seems was a 1943 'Black Market Baby' obtained by a well placed $50 with the Sisters of Charity. My mother passed away 20 years ago at the age of 54 she never stopped looking, going through records, petitioning courts (I am from the State of Texas and her records are sealed) So with bits and pieces of our scattered, strange information I forge onward. I tested with 23andme about a month ago and was assigned the Haplogroup of H, I thought that was so generic (again I am not very learned in this area) so I took it upon myself to do research on my own concerning a topic that I struggle to comprehend. At any rate I ended up on and followed the instructions to save my fasta file to my computer and uploaded the data. I received HVR1 HVR2 and CR mutations with no perfect match. So today I mailed in my Ancestry DNA kit. It seems that with every step I take I walk deeper into darkness, very frustrating.  Any insight would be so greatly appreciated.


Hi Molly--Never give up--I too was adopted but different circumstances--do you know what the current laws are in Texas now for opening the records--and have you been able to see a copy of her non identifying info--send me a email at my other  thanks patricia

Hi Molly,

Have you uploaded your raw data to and Gedmatch.Genesis? That should help you find any relatives who have tested DNA with any of the various companies and uploaded their data. The family trees connected with matching DNA kits can help you connect the dots. See the information below about Facebook groups that can help with this.

Texas has a Central Adoption Registry program, but it unfortunately does not accept requests from children of adoptees. a href="" target="_blank">>;

There is a Texas Adoption Registry where you can search for potential adoptees/birth parents who have registered and perhaps you can add your mother to the database too. a href="" target="_blank">>;

There is another Texas adoption registry at
a href="" target="_blank">>;

This information may be useful to you:
a href="" target="_blank">>;
If you know her DOB and the city she was born in, I would be tempted to search FamilySearch for those elements and see how many hits you get. It might be interesting to then weed through those, eliminating the birth certificates of the females who you can find via Google later in life (school records, newspapers, etc).

There are also groups on Facebook that help adoptees and adoptee's family members use DNA results to find relatives. See SEARCH SQUAD and DNA DETECTIVES.

Good luck!





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