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My name is Marie and I have been researching my family history for around 5 years now. I have ancestors from Ireland, Scotland, Devon, Cornwall and Canada. I am currently trying to research Ireland for information on my G.G. Grandfather.
I am going to be offering genealogy workshops in my home very soon, and will be offering searching services also.
I am taking genealogy courses from the National Genealogy Society, which I am very much enjoying.
Hi Everyone,

I'm Margaret Ann from Tennessee. I have been researching my elusive family since 1983. I really appreciate having U.S. census records at my finger tips 24/7 as when I started I had to go to the public library and they certainly didn't have all the census records available on microfilm either, much less an index. The 1910 census was available and I still remember the excitement when 1920 census was finally available at the Memphis Public Library. I was there almost daily. I was a member at ancestry when the 1930 was released and I watched the site daily and as soon as one of my counties was published I manually searched and found my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

I'm totally addicted to genealogy- I need a Twelve Step Program sometimes. I have many brick-walls in my immediate line, so I have searched many collateral lines in hopes of breaking my own wall. Many of my ancestors are from Tennessee or came through Tennessee and Tennessee has had multiple record losses due to fire, war, meaness and disasters. I seem to have ancestors that only live in counties with record losses- (; .

I enjoy cemetery hopping, going to the Tennessee Archives as well as to other Southern State Archives. I enjoy surfing online. This past year I have focused a lot on my southern Confederate Soldiers b/c so many records are now available at Footnote. I have enjoyed this and look forward to footnote adding Union Soldier databases so I can obtain same type of information on my Union Soldiers. I am especially looking forward to Footnote placing the Pension files online. I want to read all of the Sixth Tennessee Cavalry USA Pension records.

My # 1 brickwall I want to crash through is my TULL line. There is so much misinformation on the internet (same as prior to internet) about this line. I want proof of who my people are and from whence they came. The earliest date I have is 1795 Maryland>Georgia/South Carolina by 1816>Alabama by 1832>onto Mississippi>back to Alabama>MS>TN and finally Texas. My direct ancestors decided to put down some pretty deep roots in McNairy County, Tennessee (&surrounding counties of Chester and Hardeman). Who is Mary Tull born 1795 Maryland. Is Tull your maiden name or married name? Who is the father of your children? Who are all your children? What is your relationship to Elizabeth Tull, born about 1815 South Carolina? Who is the father of her children? How did you'll travel from Georgia to Tennessee? Did you come with neighbors, friends, or other relatives? If so, who are they? What is your story? Why did the Walker County, Alabama County Court demand your Georgia Lottery Land be sold? Why did your leave your Georgia Lottery Land in Carroll County, Georgia? Who is Allen Ruff? Why is he listed as the Guardian of your children? Oh so, many unanswered questions?

I appreciate all the primary images and records being posted almost daily online. As much as I enjoy blogging, networking and my little tree on ancestry the primary reason I have a subscription to ancestry,footnote and genealogybank are those primary records with images. I have enjoyed this site for two days and look forward to many more fun and happy hours exploring, sharing and maybe meeting people searching the same folks or places.
Ive been doing genelaogy for about 20 years know and love it. I work on it all the time on and off line. I belong to the NSDAR in WV. Im also our chapter lineage person most of the time I can find what they need to get into the DAR. Plus I spend a good bit of time down at the archives in Charleston, WV doing research work on my family because thats where they settled. My dad's family came from Rockbridge Co. VA to Monroe Co. WV then to Lincoln Co. WV and Boone Co. WV.
Egnor's, Carpenter, Miller, Ensminger families. Others came from Greenbrier Co. WV which included Burnside, Alford and Smith, Mccallister, Beckett. Plus you have my mom's side of the family. They came out of Va and went to Eastern Kentucky. They would include the Counties of Boyd, Greenup, Lawrence, Lewis and Carter Co. The surnames are Loar, Lunsford, Osburne, Sexton.
All my research started with my grandfather on the burgess side of the family. My grandfather Pasquale Borgess came from Polestine Italy in 1909 to Ellis Island and ended up on Cabin Creek, Kanawha Co. WV about `1910 where he meet my grandmother Hattie Loar. They were married in 1912 and had 11 kids and all lived to become adults.
After I found which boat he came on etc it got me to thinking where did all my other grandparents come from etc.
Right know my main focus on genealogy is helping people with there family history and working on my family history too.
I live currently on the water in Norfolk Virginia, I retired from the navy and started a Handyman service and just celebrated 15 years in business. Been researching about five years and have found some interesting facts about my ancestors and found just as many brick walls. My goal is to publish a book on DELABAR's within 5 years. Growing up my Grandpa would say there wasn't many people with our name. Funny how many branches you develop when every relative have 5 to 12 children.My current focus is ancestors in Germany and France from church records thanks to my favorite Genealogist. A website will probably be my next major achievement. My surnames are Delabar, Dawson(KY) Haas, Bennett, Simpson, Kirkendall. plus about 300 more. Glad to be part of this site.
I have been researching my family since 2002. I started with the Rugg family but was overwhelmed by that extremely large family. I have since worked on my husband's side etc. I have started to work on the Rugg family again.

I also have researched my son's birth family. We maintain an open relationship with his birthmother. She was able to share information with me including many pictures of her family. I have put together two scrapbooks with my research and the information and pictures that she shared. My son is only 4 now but I think he will enjoy having this information about his birth family when he is older.

Surnames I have researched not including my son's birth family (to protect privacy):
Rugg, Crago, Tesch, Fausz, Steward, Blood, Curtis, Benner, Both, Reid, Satterly, Pruisner
This is Ron LANKSHEAR and I have a one name study at
LANKSHEAR are from Oxfordshire
My other main names are SKEGGS from Herts, RUSSELL and PENN from Northants, ROBBINS from Islington and EAGLE from Norfolk and Scotland, PAIGE from Devon
Most of my families ended up in London and I was born in Hammersmith. I have some London resources
I am now in Sydney NSW.

The new SOS=
Sometimes being bored by those ‘bare bones’ of genealogy, I hope to inspire all toward that ideal intersection where genealogy meets history and biography. Together we can foster appreciation for the undervalued relatives of social history, demography, chronology, geography and others. Even as the international distress signal evolved from CQD to SOS, from Save Our Ship to Save Our Souls and more, genealogy can evolve to become more scientific while it retains its artistry and enhances its own significance.

I hope to inform and instruct. One of my own causes is making SOS in our community stand for Save Our Sources. One of the benefits of GenealogyWise can be helping you to find family and friends who will agree to locate and preserve historical sources. It may also be a new phase in the creation of family organizations and family reunions. GenyWise looks like it will speed the task of finding distant or lost relatives, particularly those of the Greatest Generation who are dying by the thousands daily, without their story being documented and shared. And you and I have the opportunity to serve them today.
I am Rose Adams, and I live in Northern CA. I am new to this site anad trying to find out more about it. I am a "Kent" by birth, I was born in CA. I have a lot of genealogy on most of my lines. My ancestors came here in the early 1600's, 5 lines on the Mayflower and the rest soon after. I am primarily English, Irish, Welch, Danish, French (but of German descent), I have been given much by my ancestors in the way of genealogy, but have been working for the last 30 years on my husbands lines . He had nothing. So now I am researching in the southern states. HIs Adams came from TN, NC and went to MO in 1837. I have a lot from James Adams down, lots of pictures and history. My hubby has had DNA done.
We have between us 10 children and 26 grandkids and 4 greats so far, we do this for them.
We love Celtic music, especially the Wicked TInkers, and are members of the Patriot Guard. We are very patriotic and military minded. 3 of my 4 sons have served, one currently in the Army, and come from a long line of Military, including my husband.
We live in a tiny township in the Delta region of northern CA. , in an agricultural area. Gotta love country!!!
Looking forward to meeting all of you.
Hi to All, I began my genealogy in school for a project that revolved around explorers and found through my aunts on both sides that we have a connection to Henry Hudson and the current royal family of London England, this has always spurred me to dig and run through names, dates and spellings of names in my current family tree. Only new to this site, im researching surnames Groves, and Ranger any help would be welcomed.
Groves out of Sommerset England
Rangers out of North Bay, Ontario Canada
Hello! I am a family historian. I have worked on the family history for nearly 40 years. I am in my 80's and I have been married for 62 years. I have lived in MO for the most of my life.
Most of my families came from England and Ireland. Living in MO AR KY TN TX OK. I have a few families that are dead ends. One of the reasons that I signed up for this program is the posibility that I might find someone that is working on these families
Family names: Asher/Ashert, Headley, Rogers/Rodgers, Skelton, Biggers/Bickers, Mills, Verdier, Stephens/Stevens to name a few.
Veda Headley Asher
Dear Veda,
I am A decendant of the Rogers out of MO, Galitin area. my great Grand Father if Frank Everett Rogers Born in 08 Oct 1901 Died in 10 Feb 1962, his father is Levi Clarence Rogers Born in 18 June 1868 died 12 March 1954, His Father was Jacob S. Rogers Born in KY on March 1827 and died in 1914 Davies Co. MO. I hope this Helps and theres a connection.
My e-mail is
In High Regards,
Brent Rogers
"Nos Nostraque Deo"
I began this quest because my aunt and uncle wanted to have a family reunion. My father one of 9 we thought it was a good way to start looking. I moved from NY to FL when this all began. My father's surname is Copp. We have documented fully his family from present back to the 1820's with LeRoy being his father and then Clinton, Orrin and Harrison and then Harrison's father John Copp in PA. Records show he came from Rhode Island with wife Sarah Clemons/Clemens. We have thought he could be the son of Ebenezer Copp but this is where it's very fuzzy and we could really use some help. If this would be true then we could officially link ourselves back to England. If anyone can help we would really appreciate it. It's a project I would like to finish for my own father, Byron Copp, Sr. I've enjoyed the folks we've met along the way that have brought us forward but we want to keep digging backward. Thanks to Shayne Symes and Martha Copp for all that you have done in getting us to this point.



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