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I'm Leslee and, well, I jump around to various branches. I'd definitely enjoy getting more progress on my immigrant ancestors' lines, especially Pangonis, Wright, & Hayes
My name is Anna Thompson. I'm researching my roots. My great great grandfather was Albert G Thompson 1830-1899. His wife Catharine Andrews 1833-1905. His father may be William Thompson 1777-1867. All are buried at Brittain Presbyterian Church Cemetary in Rutherford Co. NC

I have some Andrews ancestors as well.  My Paternal Great Great Great Grandmother was an Andrews (Elsie Andrews Matteson).  But my Andrews ancestors were from Scotland (via Rhode Island).  

Hi All,

My names is Darrin Matteson.  I was born and raised in Northern NY state but I've also lived in Michigan, Ohio, and now I'm in Illinois.  I got bit by the genealogy bug rather young (when I was about 8-10 years old) and I've been into it ever since.  

I'm currently researching my Maternal Grandfather's Mother's line (Estella Wilson) as it's one of the few lines I don't have a lot of information on.  I know her parents names were Howard and Delthia.  I don't know Delthia's maiden name but I suspect it might also be Wilson as on the 1870 US Census a 14 year old Howard born in NY state and a 14 year old Delthia born in Ohio are both listed.

I believe Howard's parents were Peter D. Wilson (1830-????) and Mariah ? (1823-????).  On the census records I've found it shows them as having been born in Canada however, on at least one document I found, Peter's parents are listed as having been born in Vermont.  So I believe Howard's parents are originally from somewhere on the Vermont/Quebec line.  I have been unable to find any records of either of their deaths.  The last census I've found them on was the 1880 Census.  They're both listed as living in Malone, Franklin County, NY.  There's a daughter, Lucia, listed as still living with them as of 1880 (she's also on the 1870 US Census and the 1875 NY State Census).  

I have a lot of info on my Matteson, Merrill, Lewis, and Kent lines from my Dad's side of the family that I'd be happy to share if anyone is researching those families.  I also manage a FB group for Matteson Genealogy.  It has allowed me, my siblings, and first cousins to establish contact with some of our more distant cousins that we had lost touch with.

So if anyone can help with the Wilson line it would/will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I was interested in the Sibert (aka Seibert; western PA and NE) and Mahoney (eastern PA) family histories in 1995, but dropped it because of other activities. I'm now retired and resuming my interest.

I was a member of in the 90s with a different email address. I believe I might have uploaded a gedcom. Would there be any way to find it?

I'm a 5th generation Canadian (paternally), with generations 6 and 7 having come over from Scotland, and a 1st generation Canadian (maternally), my mother having come over from Wales.  I have been doing genealogy for about 15 years and my main focus has been on my Buchan line.  On the paternal side, I am researching Roberts, Frood, Cameron, MacLachlan, and Buchanan; on the maternal side, Williams, Lewis, Cole, Bartlett, Rowden, and Southwood.  My focus is on Ontario and Quebec,England, Wales, and Perthshire, Scotland.  I have yet to discover where my 31% Scandinavian DNA comes in, but I'm determined to figure it out!

A lot of english dna is nordic by way of the saxons and vikings. especialy in norwich,england.


my name is Nellie Daniel,  I have been doing Genealogy for a while,   and I am kind of hit some brick walls,   I live in Albuquerque New Mexico.  tho my mom side of the family  who are Mooney/Eisiminger all are in Mo and back east area  my father's side of the family is from Nm and and OK and Ark. their surnames are Cox/Daniel   Like I said  I hit a brick wall being on my Mooney family and I would so love to know if any one  is working on the Mooney line,  I do thank you for having me in your group.


A shame that I was just in MO, working at the historical library in St. Louis

Nellie ,

 A lot of Mooneys in Jefferson county,mo.

 I did my wifes Daniel line all the way back to Ireland and McDaniel in Scottland.Most recent was move from Pike county,ky, to ohio then to Union,mo.

Hello Friends, my name is Dale Morton from Snead, Alabama.  I'm researching the descendants of Marshall Morton & all the associated families.  I am a 6th generation direct descendant.  The line goes Marshall Morton Sr., James Morton, William E. Morton, John Wesley Morton, John Bascum Morton, Louie B. Morton, me & my son Billy.

Welcome!  What kind of online resources do you have, Dale?  I see that John Bascum Morton's mother was Octavana Gibson.  My GIBSON line is in England.  Was John a minister?

--Al Dawson



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