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My husband's Lloyd family is stuck in Darlington, SC and I can't find my way out of there.  Earliest is William Gustavus Lloyd/Loyd, b1800, SC.

Hello Everyone, I am Jai.

I started my what I call my mess  :)  back in 99 with 100 names my Aunt and Cousin had found.  I have now taken that 100 and blown it up to almost 24,000  names with most being document.

Genealogy is my addiction, I wake up to it  and goto sleep to it.  I can think of worse things to be addicted to.

I work with  and Illinois tombstone Project  . I also am in the process of getting my Certificate to be a Certified Genealogist.

I live in Morgantown, WV and have been interested in family history from a very young age.  My father's family lived mainly in Pennsylvania, my mother's family also lived there for a time, but most of them came from Hungary in the early 1900s.  Not much is know about that side so that is where I am really trying to find some answers.  I have a lot of pictures of people we don't know so I've started posting them to see if anyone might recognize someone.

Surnames: Peto, Liska/Lisko, Palfi, Bertalan, Szilagyi, Csuka, Bajusz, Grable (Graybill, Graybeal), Porter, Barr, Gayman, Zollars, Crumrine (Krumrein), Craig, Crayne, Throckmorton, Guiher, Bell, Myers, Lynn, Gohn, McKinney.

I have a McKinney brick wall, but mine is in the south: Peter McKinney (b1804) and brother Isham (b1808) both married Sineath sisters in Colleton County, SC.  Don't know if they originated there.  They could be from anywhere, since Charleston was a major port and was right next door.  :-]

I was born and live in south west Sweden in the province of Halland. My roots are in Halland, western Småland, Västergötland, Östergötland, Södermanland, Närke and Gotland. Several relatives moved to the United States. I have been doing genealogy research and family history since 1998. I like to visit the places where my relatives have lived and to take photgraphs of at least the churches.


I could use help, as I have only been involved in this research for a few months.  I have found some amazing facts!  I have ancestors including Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Winston Churchill, and others.  I'm blown away!  I am constantly researching the following surnames and could use any help: Dudley, Morrisette, Morgan, Hicks, Harris (de Herrize, Herries), Bell (Yorkshire, England), Bullfinch, Darnley, Rimes, and a few others.  Thanks.

Hello, I could use some experienced help here.  I have established direct ancestry to a John Sutton IV, Baron of Dudley in England, 1461.  John was George Washington's 8th great-grandfather.  John's mother was a a Constance Blount, married to Sir John V Dudley early 1400's.  Sir John IV was my direct ancestor (gr. grandfather about 18 generations back on my mom's dad's side).  Where my head starts to hurt is when I have to find a name for my relationship to George Washington.  Can anyone help me there?  Please email me at hpat936@yahoo, com, because I have trouble remembering what I posted on what website!

Hello. I'm new to this website. I have done genealogy research for over three years on my Woodley ancestry. Which has taken me to Britain ,Australia ,United States , and as well Canada .

Hi all. My name is Mary and I have been researching my family history for about 2 years or so. I have a couple of brick walls I would like to break through and hope to do so eventually.

I currently live in NJ with my daughter but my family is from NYC - mostly within the outer boroughs.

Hello and thank you for allowing me to join. I got my start in genealogy four years ago after my father passed away. When going through his belongings I discovered a box with a large collection of very old family photographs and some old family documents. I knew from early childhood that the photographs existed but never knew what happened to them after my grandmother passed away. Needless to say, finding them was an uplift after losing my dad. One of the documents found in the collection was a beautiful sight to see, it was a hand written marriage license of my great grandparents that listed their wedding date and place, all of their children, their parents , their grand parents with birth and death information. I soon realized that I was holding a very important piece of paper in my hands.

After a coupe of years of research, I figured out that my 4th great grandfather was James Lacey of Elizabethton, Carter, TN., his father was Philemon Lacey Jr. of McMinn, TN. and his father was Philemon Lacey Sr. of Chatham County, NC.

Any help extending my Lacey family line would be greatly appreciated.

Hello everyone!

New to the site, relatively new to genealogy and happy to have found this genealogywise. I've been doing research off and on, mostly off, for about a year now. I've done a DNA test, I'm on ancestry, family search, and GEDMatch.

I hope to connect with distant and maybe not so distant relatives to share information, photos, histories. I love hearing from folks so even if it ends up we aren't related we could end up friends and you can never have enough of those!!

Take Care,


Welcome Sheila!





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