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Hi all,

I`m a native Dane and a professionel genealogist with more than 20 years experience. I have access to all files in national archives i Copenhagen.




My name is Robin Peterson.  I have been involved in genealogy nearly my entire life as my parents have been avid amateur genealogists for over 45 years.  I have a bachelor's in History from Brigham Young University and have conducted primary document research for over 15 years.  I am seeking a masters in World War II history and have a deep passion for Holocaust studies.  I have been practicing as a professional genealogist for about 3 years and I specialize in Italian, French, British and US military research.  I am based in Salt Lake City where I have access to worldwide microfilmed records. 


My website is:

Take a look and see what you think.


I look forward to interacting with all of you.



Salt Lake City


Hello!  I am Liz Tapley-Matthews.  I have been researching my family history for many years, off and on.  Last November, I attended a Family History Expo and that really kicked off my genealogy obsession.  I now have a blog (, read tons of other blogs, attend webinars, listen to genealogy podcasts, plan to attend NGS next month, and pretty much eat and breathe genealogy! 


The vast majority of my ancestor surnames settled in the south, including:  Tapley (England>VA>NC>SC>GA); Drake (GA), Page (GA), and Schwalls (Germany>GA).  I have one line that lived in the north:  Ranney (Scotland>Connecticut>Ohio>Michigan and then a small portion that moved to California in the early 20th century).


I look forward to becoming more involved here at Genealogy Wise.

I'm looking for information about the Whiteside[s] from the McDowell and Rutherford Counties in North Carolina, and the Harvery family from the same area.

Also the Solt and Biddle families from the Bellefonte, PA, including surrounding areas.

I live in Mechanicsburg, PA and have only been searching for family members for about 2 months. I have come to a dead end on my grandfather William J. Solt [on my mother's side] and the same is true with the Harvey family [on my father's side].

Would love to hear from ANYONE having information that would tie us together and I could enter into my family trees.

I can be reached @ .... thanks so much for any help.


Hello all,

I joined this site after signing up for the “Social Media for the Wise Genealogist” class.

I am an adoptee who did not begin a search for my biological line until later in life after my adoptive parents passed away. In fact, it was years after my dad passed away before I made the decision to begin a search. I was helped by the facts I knew my original surname and by the adoption paperwork dad gave me. It was still difficult at first and most of the information I got was from death certificates, etc. for my deceased biological father, paternal g-g-/grandparents and paternal aunts and uncles that I obtained from the state of Georgia. I learned a lot from some of these certificates and though death certificates do not equal medical histories, they are a start. The Surgeon General has advised everyone to put together a Family Medical History and the SG’s site even has a form one can print out to fill in such a history. Unfortunately, the state in which I was adopted has “sealed” records for adoptees like myself and puts out many roadblocks to discovery. After researching certificates and such for a while I began posting on sites such as Rootsweb, Ancestry, and others and began to connect with cousins or helpful others who knew someone in my direct line or thought they had a lead and things began to pick up.

In 2008, I located my biological mother and traveled to reunite with her. The reunion was great and we have been in contact ever since. She has limited information about her parents as she was a child of the Depression who was placed in a Georgia institution (“school”) herself when her mother was deemed unable to care for her. I am now looking for information for her in the Abbeville/Fitzgerald areas in Georgia. The surnames I am searching for her are KEEN(E)/TYLER.

Searching primarily for surnames KEEN(E) and TYLER in the state of Georgia at this time. Also researching surnames from the paternal side of my biological line to include: CORLEY, BRITT, CHILDS, GREEN, and JACKSON in Georgia, North/South Carolina.

As the saying goes...”I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could.”


Hi All

My first experience of Family Research was a visit to my Ancestors home of 1840, I was aged 7 at the time. You might say it has been in the family ever since and I don’t think it’s a coincidence how many living relatives I encounter also doing the same research. Living in Yorkshire, England, I  love to travel and occasionally get the opportunity through my main occupation as a Study Abroad Adviser, an opportunity that I grasp with both hands – to explore my family history!  Fortunately its my own business, so I have little trouble with the boss and as the business has peaks and troughs , I also take extra work on to conduct research for other people.

The surnames I am researching for my personal tree are :

Billington Newton Heath Manchester
Caukill Goole, East Yorkshire       
Franklin Neuvas, Asturias, Spain
Kaiser - Bulow  Prussia /Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany     
Heald, Kennerley Newton, Manchester, United Kingdom
Simpson, Thompson, Hoyland, Beeston Osbaldkirk, York, Yorkshire      
Crow and Cropley - Bicker, Qaudring Lincolnshire
Gill and Brown - Hull, Yorkshire
McEvoy Dewsbury,      
Timothy Co. Roscommon, Aughrim   Ireland    
Rainey (Reiney) Milltown, Co Kerry Ireland
Taylor , Heckington, Horbling and Hale, Lincs    
Stephenson Hamburg

I have a few blogs on which I write brief stories about what I find interesting, not sure if they are and as yet I have not gauged what other’s find interesting. They can be tracked here . Love to have your feedback.

Dan Billington

i have doing it for 3-4 years pauline hazell

SMITHs:  My DNA (E-V13) is from the Balkans and shows in Wales. 

Roman auxillaries recruited in the Balkans were sent to Wales in the first century AD. 


My paper trail leads to Lincolnshire, England. Smith/Smyth/Smythe


Is there any way to bridge the gap from Wales first century to England 1400s? 



I live in Melbourne Australia.  I have been researching for 4 years. I picked up the mantle after my brothers death and have made some significant inroads thanks to luck and reading the fine print.  My extended Sinclair family were Ulster Scots who I believe went to Northern Ireland as a consequence of the Plantation in 1600's.  I have managed to get back to 1770's with my GGGGGrandfather Andrew Sinclair.  Thru some good fortune I traced a line from Ireland to Australia so that has given me a lift to find another line thru my GGUncle James b 1838.  Total mystery to date but moving forward.

Ken Sinclair

I am a 50 year old, skilled genealogist and I have years of experience in and a extensive knowledge especially Scandinavian genealogy and I am ready to help you track your ancestors and help you with your family history.

I perform thorough quality control of all research files and have a large number of documented assignments behind me - for people - in Denmark as well as abroad.

I can translate all kinds of records: Land records, censuses, church parish records, wills, probate, immigration, and other types of records from German, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish to English.


Feel free to contact me and let us know what I can do for you!

My name is Karen Spencer. I am a descendant of Four Spencer Brothers who came from England in the 1630's and settled in Mass and Conn. My current Focus is on my Mother's maiden name, Timmons, who went from Maryland to Georgia.

I am also interested in Chandler, McKleroy

Both my parents were the family historians (oral) for their respective families. Now that they are both gone I am doing the researching and organizing the histories and genealogies of both sides.

We have always had a mystery man on my dad's side. It is his grandfather George Dallas Perkins (SR). The first proven document I found for him is his marriage license to my great grandmother Rosa Eagle Lewis in La GRange TX. in 1877. The 1880 census shows him living in La Grange working as deputy sherriff with two sons. I know the family was living in Beaumont TX in 1882 because my grandfather George Dallas Perkins (JR) was born there. I know that George SR was a member of the Oddfellows Lodge there because I found his membership papers. He must have been ill since the lodge was supporting him and the family. He died in 1884 between June and December. This was verified by the Grand Lodge in Corsicanna TX along the fact the lodge paid for his burial and also supported his widow and children in 1885. In 1886 she and the boys checked in to the Oddfellows Orphanage and Widows Home. Two months later she remarried a David N Pope and left. Dead end because she would not talk about her first husband. The boys did not know where he died, exactly when he died, how he died, or where he is buried.We have no idea what Perkins line we are related, no documentation, no pictures. It is like the man did not exist.

I am determined to find those answers. I figured by now there would be documentation somewhere on him. So far no luck. His name was a common one , George, and there are alot of George Perkins.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have looked at all the normal areas and no luck.







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