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I'm looking for any members of the Will Carroll Family from Florence,Alabama.I have been working on the family history for at least 2 years and could use all the help anyone can and will provide.I hope to hear from any and all of you soon.Have some information you may find very interesting.Love your 1st.cousin Al.
Hi I'm Mary.
I have been doing family research for about 8 years. Thanks to the generosity of many people and spending countless hours on the computer (who hasn't?) I have been able to research most of my families: Aune, Dickerson, Koser, Carlisle,and Simpson. I have the basics, I need to find out more than their birthplace,what they did, who else was in the family, etc.
I have already posted a message about my brick wall, my great-grandmother, Elsie Simpson.
If you have Aunes from Norway, Dickersons from Virginia, Kosers from Pennsylvania, Carlisles from Maine or Simpsons from Scotland, I have info to share.
My mother got me hooked on genealogy when I was a teenager...I saw how much time she spent researching our ancestors even though she was adopted and had very little info about her real parents...I grew up studying Texas history and traipsing around in Dad died when I was young which made me even more interested in my family...before my mother died in 1998, she left me three briefcases FULL of family research...after I got all of my kids out of the house, I went to work doing more research...thanks to alot of new friends who also have this passion for finding ancestors, I have found many things about my family...some days my husband thinks I'm crazy for spending this much time looking for "dead people" but I just tell him that they all had stories that are worth knowing and here I am!
Hello, KLN! - Can you tell me about your Parker lines and Lamb lines in Indiana? I have both, somehow related by marriage but without details who came from Madison Co. Kentucky to Fountain and Montgomery Counties, Indiana before the Civil War. Other pertinent surnames were Anderson and Ogg. How great it would be if you had anything on same.

Patricia Ross Parker
Hello everyone, my name is Deborah ( i like to be called Deb or Debbie ) and i live in South Australia.
I have been researching my husbands family on both sides for about 3years. However i have gone as far as i can on the Knight side of the family. I cannot seem to find out anything on William Knight's parents. If anyone can help that would be great. William Knight married Ann Osmond on 04 May 1787 in Yeovilton, Somerset. William was born 1763 in West Camel i think. So you see i would really love to find out who his parents were.

Also i am starting on my own side of the family, which is Groves. I have only gotten as far as my Greatgrandfather who was Clarence Groves. Clarence was born 13 Oct 1890 in Chorlton Manchester. I do not know his parent names or anything about him.

If anyone can help with these names i would be VERY greatful

Debbie Australia.
Hi lineages are mostly Harris,Hinson(all spellings),and Hensley.My maternal grandparents were William Arthur Harris and Lillie Mae Churchwell .My paternal grandparents were Robert William Stanfield Hinson and Annie Lee Anderson.Right now I am trying to find the father of my great grand father.His info is..Thomas B Harris born Jan 10,1864 Allen Co Ky-died Feb 10,1948 Allen Co Ky.His death cert says that his mother was Henrietta Dowell but no father is listed.The only Henrietta Dowell I have been able to find was married to an Alex Watkins and an Amderson Graves.There is a Thomas B Watkins and a Thomas B Graves in the census records but I have been told that they are NOT my Thomas so I'm still looking.
I got into genealogy in 1994 when I realized my fathers health was failing.I wanted to capture what I could while I still could.He has passed on now and I am so glad I took the time to really talk and listen to him.I hope to be able to help others with their search and am willing to share what I have.

And here is yet another SMITH!  DNA connects us to Francis Smith - Group 3 / Northeastern Smiths / Family Tree DNA.  There are a handful of us in that group where DNA proves us to be Very Tightly Related (their term) or Tightly Related...and we can't find our "Brick Wall" ancestors to connect us with Francis' lines, which are the parents of the ancestors born in the early 1800's.  (In my case, it doesn't help to have VT, PA, NY all as the place of my great - great grandfather's birth!  These show up on census records and death records...)  It is frustrating, to say the least. 

Another mystery in the family is a DANIELS connection.  Ashtabula, Ohio.  George Washington Daniels married first Sally Ann BARBER and then Margaret Maritte (or I have seen Martha) PEASE.  Family lore says that my great-grandfather, James Daniels, was the son of Sally Ann and George.  She passed away, he remarried and then HE passed away and Margaret remarried.  James supposedly ran away from his step-parents as they made their way to WI in a wagon train, and James would not speak about his childhood.  I found a sister of James' back in OH - Lucy FITCH - and have hit brick walls there as well. 

And then there is Lydia McGOWAN, McGOWN.  She was the wife of Hiram SMITH, mentioned above.  Last year I was able to find where Hiram and Lydia were buried - one in IN, the other in IA...this year I would love to find their families.  Family lore has her family being related to James Fenimore COOPER, and a descendant of Lydia's sister, Fanny McGOWN PELLETT, WATSON, STEWARD, spoke of a relationship to George WYTHE's family.

So if there is anyone out there with information on THESE people, I would certainly appreciate the information.  Thanks.

Patricia Smith Enger

Hi all My name is George Thomas Saviel and I have been researching my family history for about 20 years .

Take a look at on my research and read my book Saviel Family History from British India and Burma to Perth Western Australia publish on .



George T Saviel

24 January 2011

My name is Barbara . I have just started my genealogical pursuits in earnest about a year ago. I am researching the following families from Horry, Georgetown & Williamsburg Counties in South Carolina; Sampson, Columbus & Brunswick Counties of North Carolina:
I am also a grave walker, taking headstone photos and entering them on It has been very rewarding and I have located a lot of family members through the Findagrave website. I would like to correspond with anyone who has family ties with me or can assist in locating any family members in the counties of SC mentioned. I now reside in Central Kentucky. My present brick wall is two fold. I am seeking any information on the offspring of John O (aka Jack) Milligan and a Nancy J who lived in the Mt Pleasant area of Charleston SC between 1885 and 1903. nancy J died of an accideI am also seeking a burial place for John O (aka Jack) Milligan as he left his family in Horry County SC in the late teens to work in the rosin industry in NC. He supposedly died there around 1920. I cannot locate the county where he may have died or his death certificate, if there was one. Anyone having any information, please contact me at Thanks!

Hi, my name is Kathryn Smith Lockhard who researched the wonderful Roesch family who came to live the American dream.  Follow their story from 1771 to 2008.  Take a peek, you'll be glad you did. 

Hello everyone, My name is Tracy Collins and I have been researching my family history for over 10 years now.  I just recently started offering research services focusing on the Warren County, Pennsylvania and vicinity.

I love researching my family tree and it has become quite the obsessive hobby  of  mine.  I love to  learn about what  my families have endured through the times both good and bad and where they came from.


I look forward to getting to know you all and helping wherever I can.




My husband and I have been researching our ancestors for over 24 years. I have a diploma in modern history research and am keen to understand the areas the people we have found lived in and their occupations and why they moved on to pastures new. We try to visit the ancestral home areas using our motor caravan but time is limited by family commitments these days. I like rooting about in the various record offices for wills and deeds apprentice lists and poor law records as well as the usual BM&Ds. I we have a web site and are happy to help fellow researchers who find a link to our trees as the result we have over the years added many twigs  to the outer branches. At the moment a few contacts are looking at the many BEER or BEAR families thet married into the PARKHOUSE families of North Devon and in particular in Bulkworthy

My nick name is Trees because I am Hazel and my husband's initials are ELM

Hope tobe able to help and find help among this community




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