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Hi - I started this hobby by looking into the genealogy of my grand-parents, and those of my wife. I soon realised that I'd gathered a large amount of data that was not directly related to my paternal name - GRAY - but was loth to discard it. So I looked around for what to do with it.

I found the Guild of One-Name Studies whose members look at individual surnames - aiming to gather all occurances world-wide and then analyse the resulting data doing such as creating lineages, looking at migration trends, mortality rates, etc, etc. I was interested and so joined. I found a wealth of expertese and willingness to help. So, in no time at all, I was encouraged to register my study in to the GRAY, GREY and GRAIE names. By doing so, I committed to expand my study from one that was local (Yorkshire, England) to one that was global. Quite a committment - but there is no committment to the end-date - even if one could even say that a study has been completed.

While I carry out my surname study, I welcome enquiries from people about their GRAY/GREY ancestors and try to help where ever I can.

I'm always on the lookout for help in this huge surname study. Maybe people are willing to provide their tree, or look at the name in their county, or the GRAY/GREYs who partook in the US Civil War - what ever help can be offerred I will welcome.

Where is this "Guild Of One Name Studies" ?? Never heard of it.
My name is Elizabeth Olmstead.

Genealogy interests:
Surnames: Marlow, Nunn, Wheeler, Wilson and/or any connected
Locations; Banks, Jackson, Hall and a few other counties, Georgia
I do freely share what I have but would also like to receive new information. Also interested in meeting living relatives.

Surnames: Stinnett, Yearout, Bolden, Williams, also connected names: Romines, Ratledge, Willocks, etc.
Locations: Blount, Sevier, Jefferson, Knox, Hamilton and a few other counties in TN.

Warning: if you go strictly by the book regarding Yearout and my Stinnett line, I have hard copies of records which disprove misconceived printed and internet published material. Have hard copy records, obituaries, death records, photos, marriage records, census records and can prove this.

Also interested in the Williams/Henson Lutheran Boys Home, Knoxville, TN

Would love to meet living kin of all lines and have traveled many miles to do so on several occasions.
I'm living in Sweden and has for the last months or so been researching my family history and found out at least three persons that immigrated to the US. I'm here to try finding them with the help I can get =) Have for the moment found at least 200 people and still counting. I'll keep on 'til I can't do it anymore =)

What elese can I say about my self? Um... Yeah!
My name's Vargen (it means wolf in swedish), 20 years old and I like history in any angle. Mostly history in Värmland where I come from. Well, I think that's enough for now. See you 'round the site!
My name is Cheryl Stuart and I currently live in St Albert, Alberta Canada. I have been researching my family history for just over 10 years primarily focused initially on my Lundy forest - Richard Lundy and Jayne Lyon who arrived in the New World in the late 1600's and their various branches. The family were Quakers, many of whom came to Canada at the time of the American Revolution. Other family names include Kinsey, Witherell (Weatherall), Webster, Large, Carpenter, Willson. My paternal side also includes the Wright family who arrived in Canada about 1832 settling around Guelph, Ontario. My maternal side consists of the Pattison and Wilson families. They arrived in Canada from Scotland in the early 1900's. I tend to get caught up in interesting stories and go on tangents of searching but love every minute of it. I have recently started a blog called "Twice Upon A Time" which I post on my facebook page as well as under Google Blogs - it focuses on my family history as well as my own memories so I can preserve our generation for future seekers.
What started out as a search for my father and his family in 1996 went way out of control and I haven't stopped since.
My main lines of research are SMITH, (yes Smith:), LONIN, GROSJEAN, McHALE of upstate NY and MEADOWS, BRAMMER, ASBURY, WHITE of VA/ WV.
Yes, Smith, me too. Very diffucult. My Smith line takes me to Massachusetts and Maine.
Hello Everyone,

My name is Kayellen (K-L-N) Stakes. I was born, raised and still live in Texas and have been ancestor hunting for the past 20 years. I initially began my family research in order to learn about my fathers family and possibly reconnect with them.

Now I am among the addicted and find myself thinking about genealogy more often than what to cook for dinner. I suppose my "Fantasy Island" dream would be living the rest of my life tucked away in dusty old court house basements, libraries and every county or State archive I could find! All I would need to sustain life would be an endless pot of coffee, one meal a day and of course a scanner and computer to document my treasures!

Currently I am concentrating my research on the surname "Stakes". What makes this a difficult search is that it is a common word as well as a surname. When doing searches for it I generally get result for, LDS Stakes, wooden/metal stakes, betting stakes, prizes or someone who has pulled up stakes. There are days that I want to scream to say the least! I do use advanced searches to eliminate certain words from the results but I never seem to eliminate them all.
I mostly use Ancestry and FamilySearchLabs; have tried Google Books and News Archives but my eyes cross at the massive number of results for Stakes.

My connected Paternal surnames through marriage unions are Stakes, Boulet, Benoit, Parker and Lamb. The areas I am researching in are Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana,Louisiana, Texas and some parts of Mexico.

My Maternal surnames through marriage unions are Finnegan, Flynn, Weaver, Whitt, Buchanan, Grant and Smith.
The areas of research for these are Texas, Virginia, Michigan, New York, Tennessee, West Virginia and the Carolinas.

If you are also researching any of these surnames or have any ideas of how I can research the surname Stakes more effectively, please feel free to post me a note or contact me via email.
I misspelled one of my surnames.. It should be GANT not Grant. Sorry about that.
Hello, KLN! - Can you tell me about your Parker lines and Lamb lines in Indiana? I have both, somehow related by marriage but without details who came from Madison Co. Kentucky to Fountain and Montgomery Counties, Indiana before the Civil War. Other pertinent surnames were Anderson and Ogg. How great it would be if you had anything on same.

Patricia Ross Parker
Hi Patricia,

I really don't have a lot of information on the Lamb line. Only that my Great-great grandmother was Hester Lamb, born in NY about 1814-1815, according to all the U.S. Census I have read that contained her and my great-great grandfather, Henry Parker Stakes. The information I do know about her beyond that is; she was about16 year old when she married, they lived in Cincinnati, Ohio from about 1830 to at least mid1843; in September of 1844 they had a daughter in Indiana, where they appear on the 1850 US census then moved to Louisiana in 1852.

Their children were:

George H STAKES, born in Jan 1832, Evansville, Ohio; died in 1920, Iowa.
Mary Esther STAKES, born in Sep 1834, died 17 Apr 1921, Acadia, LA.
Sarah Anne STAKES, born in 1838, Ohio; died on 15 Jul 1885, Abbeville, LA.
Richard Parker STAKES, born 10 Apr 1840, Cincinnati, Madison, Ohio; died 05 Jan 1919, Acadia, Louisiana.
Virginia STAKES, born in Sep 1844, , Indiana; died 28 Apr 1917, Orange, Texas.
Edward STAKES was born about 1848 in, Indiana; died unknown
Cyrus Serjie STAKES, born Aug 1853, Perry’s Bridge, Louisiana; died 03 Jul 1926, Texas.

The only other information I have about Hester is a short write up in a news paper in Louisiana, (copy in the book "History of Vermilion Parish, LA. Vol.2"),
Abbeville Meridional 18 March 1893 "Grandma Stakes, Perry's oldest inhabitant has been quite sick for some time past." (this would be Hester Lamb Stakes)

There wasn’t any further information and her death date is still one of my mysteries to solve. I do know she is buried in the Indian Bayou Methodist Cemetery in Indian Bayou Louisiana.
Burial records from that time period have either been lost, destroyed or were simply not recorded.

The Parker connection is via Hester’s husband, my paternal Great-great grandfather, Henry Parker Stakes; born on 22 Oct 1802 in Accomack, Virginia, died 19 Nov 1891 in Perry, Vermilion, Louisiana.
Henry Henderson Stakes married Rachael Marshall abt 1688 (VA.)

Their child William Marshall Stakes married Comfort (last name unknown)
Their child Johannes Stakes married 27 Feb 1799 (Accomack, VA) Ann (Parker) Stakes (aka Nancy Ann Parker) Her father was Col. Richard Parker of the Diligence Galley which served in the Virginia Navy during the Revolutionary War.

Their children were;
Mary Ann Stakes.........(m) Edmond Chandler
Henry Parker Stakes.....(m) Hester Lamb
James Henderson Stakes married several times.
A side note.. there are some researchers who say there was a second daughter that was of ill mental health and died early, though I have not found anything on her at all.
I have not traced the Lamb or the Parker lines as I have been concentrating my efforts on the Stakes family, since that is my Paternal ancestry line.

I don't know if any of this information will help you but if it does I would certainly like to know as I have not found anyone over the past 20 odd years of searching that is connected to the Lamb or Parker lines that I have.

greatest of luck and if I can be of further help please let me know. I hope we find a connection!
Thanks...Kayellen Stakes

I have only recently started looking at this site and find that you also have Smith connections in WV/VA.  I have traced my line to the Lewis & Hardy Co. area of WV but my 5X great-grandfather's name was John Smith, both very common names and I haven't been able to ID just which John Smith he was, let alone move farther back in time.  His wife was listed as Unis on their son's death certificate (Nimrod C. Smith d.1866 in Lewis Co, WV).  His son was also named Nimrod middle name Bourke and I know his family moved to Ritchie Co, WV and actually know where his grave is.  If any of these names ring a bell with you, please contact me either on here or by email (  I'd love to hear from.  Thanks.



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